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Weed-B-Gone – The Rise of Marijuana use in the NFL

I wanted to take a second before starting to say hello to everyone who views this blog page. My name is Jeff, long time avid sports fan, and traditional big mouth! I hope you all enjoy what I have to contribute, and tell your friends to come aboard. Thank You.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now to the story at hand. We ALL have, once in our lives enjoyed some sort of partying, be it junk foods, alcohol, gambling, loose women, emotional enhancement, and yes even WEED. I am not here to defend nor promote such ideals, but it puzzles me how some of the bigger names, in the toughest sport, are being caught on a daily basis with useage or possesion of Marijuana?

Ok so it may be impossible to list them all, but take a look at the names of professionals and recent draft picks who have admitted to, been caught with, or tested positive for it(alledgedly), whether in the pros or at scouting combines:

Randy Moss, Ricky Williams, Travis Henry, Donte Stallworth, Percy Harvin, Brandon Tate, Mike Vick, Amobi Okoye, Jerramy Stevens, Gaines Adams, Calvin Johnson, Charles Rogers, Warren Sapp and most recently Juqua Parker. This is just to name a few! Grown men, with HUGE NFL contracts, ignoring the rules, just for a high?

Does it make sense? ? Moss even went as far as to sort of challenege the league by admitting it on TV, and just gave it a “that’s just me” kind of attitude. Do any of these players think they won’t get tested or won’t get caught or do they not even care? With guarenteed money, and a 4 game slap on the wrist they can recover nicely. Heck steroid users don’t stop, I guess why should they?

In my opinion it’s easy, just look at the list. How many Super Bowl rings are on these fingers? Moss has appeared in just 1, a loss to the Giants, (and this is to be the reformed Moss, not the old smart-alic Moss), and Warren Sapp has won 1(who just so happened to be on the best defense in the league).

It doesn’t seem that these larger then life stars are benefitting from these actions, but also not made to suffer that much either. Seems to be the reason why in training camp its more about “the bowl ” instead of “THE BOWL!” Perhaps smoking weed takes the lead over winning it all, after all it’s just a game? A game of multi-million dollar contracts, merchandising, TV deals and on and on. What’s next a feature in Madden 2011 in which players are drug tested?

Hey it’s your life, you do with it what you want. Also bear in mind it’s the NFL’s league, and our dollars that make it run. Smoke your stuff, in the off-season not on OUR time, right football fans? The league should start to really dish out the punishments. Suspensions should be changed to a minimum of 1 year, then indefinite, same with the ‘roids!

[adinserter block=”2″]Why do you need to take a warning shot with a 4 gamer? Show me one NFL player who doesn’t know this is illegal. If you work at McDonalds and they say you are tested once a week, and if caught you’re fired. . . well then you’re fired, not “hey we will see you in a few weeks Joe, oh by the way keep that bonus for joining us!”

I love the game of football, heck we all do, but i’m sickened anymore by these players that abuse it, and abuse the privileage to be in this league and laugh in the face of us who support them. Like i said, it’s your life, live it, but on your time. When you enter training camp and a season as an athlete you’re now on OUR time. I think we are owed a little self control! But in this day of rebellion, and a “try and do it without me “type attitude in the air I guess we just deal with it and go on. A great lesson for our kids,

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