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vince WWE has expanded television to four nights a week this year. That isn’t enough for Vince McMahon. Vince recently stated that he is looking at a Wednesday night show, which would give WWE television five nights a week. Would this be too much of a good thing?

I started watching pro wrestling in 1982. I got two hours a week, with a rare extra hour at midnight on WWOR. Since that time wrestling has exploded, cable has exploded, and there is more wrestling on television than ever before. Has all of this television has helped wrestling or has it actually hurt business?

Between WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown, ECW, and WWE Superstars, we now get a total of six-hours a week of WWE wrestling. Add in TNA Impact, and you get eight-hours of wrestling a week. All of the additional exposure has not made one bit of difference in the overall business model. I would guess that all of the television has been a detriment. The numbers for both companies tell the story.

Buyrates for both TNA and WWE shows have gone down over the last couple of years. RAW and SmackDown ratings have declined, while TNA has actually increased viewership. The house show business is practically a dead business domestically for the WWE. With all of this free wrestling on television every week, why would anyone spend a dime to watch it?

I think another day of WWE wrestling would just over-expose the product. There isn’t enough talent depth right now to make this thing work for another day. Even if it is just a recap show, what would the point be? Vince McMahon made his wish for another day of television public during a shareholders call. If the answer to declining business is adding another day of television, I think the WWE is in more trouble than we thought.

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I have an update on yesterday’s Superstar Graham story. The WWE have relinquished any claims to owning the name and likeness “Superstar Billy Graham.” Regardless, it was still a pretty low move to even attempt preventing Wayne Coleman from earning a living using the name Superstar Billy Graham.

The Undertaker will be sidelined for a few months due to injuries.

There is some consideration to bringing Triple H back earlier than planned. It would not surprise me to see him show up at WWE Judgment Day.

Vince Russo is working on a new book entitled “Road Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo.” Russo will use this book to defend himself against the charges he helped kill WCW. Didn’t he already attempt this once in a book?

Some new WWE DVDs in the works include; The Rise and Fall of WCW and Allied Powers – The World’s Greatest Tag Teams. Eric Bischoff declined participating in the WCW DVD.

Bobby Lashley will fight Bob Sapp on June 27 in an MMA match.

John Cena vs. Big Show for WWE Judgment Day was officially announced on RAW.

JBL is planning to run with the bulls in Spain.

Jim Ross wrote a very critical blog about Reid Flair’s troubles. JR recommends that Reid give up the business altogether. I’ll have my more on this later in the week.

Batista said in a recent interview that he would like to retire a heel, and is strongly considering retirement when his contract is up.

Jody “The Assassin” Hamilton has filed a lawsuit against the WWE for pulling out of Deep South Wrestling.


  1. The reason why I think it was a mistake is because anyone who understands those patents and copyrights understands that he had the name before he was in WWE. It's the same reason Christian got to use Christian Cage in TNA. WWE is too smart about that stuff to try to strong arm him. They were in a no win.

    I still disagree about the domestic house shows. Take a look at the numbers (recent Wrestling Observer had them I think) and their numbers are similar to every other year that wasn't a peak year. They do great business overseas, but drawing 10,000 on a house show to a big market is actually pretty good. They come out here to the Bay Area and usually draw at least 8-10,000.

    I'm reading all your stuff. Good job.

  2. Thanks man. I don't know. I have to think it was intentional. I think they got cold feet after some backlash. Either way, it is just ridiculous that they would even consider that.

    The house show business is pretty dead domestically. They come to Philly twice a year if that. NY the same. When they come here, they can barely sell out Trenton which is close to Philly. The money is in international and Mexico. In the states, its a dying industry.

    Yeah man. I love Miz and Morrison. The bit they did with Cryme Tyme awhile back was hysterical.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. "The house show business is practically a dead business domestically for the WWE."

    I don't think that's the case. They draw decently well and sell a ton of merch. But I understand what you're saying.

    Also, with the Billy Graham deal, I think it was simply an error that he received that letter.

    I can't wait for that tag team DVD. Miz and Morrison host which should be a ton of fun.

    Nice job.


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