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Wednesday Will be Hot, Windy, and Fire-Prone in South Florida

As the summer is approaching, instances of wildfire and heatwaves are likely to be increased. The subtropical climate countries that face a huge amount of heat and long summers suffer a lot. Florida, is one of the hottest places in the whole world, experiencing high pressures too. This in total alters the climate pattern of the area. South Florida is expected to be warm, windy, and at risk for wildfires too.

Tuesday is the sixth consecutive day with a maximum temperature below 50 degrees. Gray skies have returned, with isolated light showers, including some frozen precipitation, occurring throughout the day. It will be critical to keep a watch on a warm front to our south as we approach tonight. This is expected to arrive overnight, with significant ramifications for our weather.

The climatic condition in south Florida will aggravate on Wednesday posing the risk of wildfires too as mentioned in various weather reports. People residing in South Florida will experience a tough day as the summers will achieve a peak on Wednesday. The scorching heat and humidity have the power to literally exhaust a person and make him/her sick. Hence proper, precautions are also expected from the residents.

With temps starting in the upper 40s — warmer than they were at sunset – Wednesday will be an interesting day. This is the result of a warm front that will intensify during the day. Temperatures will reach the mid-70s despite the largely gloomy sky. A large quantity of wind will accompany the rapidly warming air mass. The sustained wind speed will be in the 25-30 mph range, with peak gusts of 45-50 mph.

The wildfire hazard will be exacerbated by dry conditions during the day. It’ll be crucial to keep an eye on the weather out there. If we analyze the risk of severe storms in Florida we will infer that it can only be done by tracing the line of storms that will arrive from the west. The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning instead of such risks only.

The warning is essentially a fire weather warning, for Hendry, Glades, DeSoto, and inland areas of Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday because of the risk. When meteorological conditions favorable to wildfires exist or are predicted to exist soon, Red Flag Warnings are issued. Today’s weather calls for breezy southeast winds between 10 and 20 mph, with occasional gusts up to 30 mph.

Even though the humidity will be higher than yesterday, it will still be low and conducive to wildfires. Lee Area has the highest wildfire hazard in the state, according to the Florida Forest Service, which has placed the county in the “extremely high” threat category for today. Make sure you’re doing your part to keep your neighborhood safe today.

Avoid parking your automobile in grassy areas, and exercise caution when mowing your lawn or using power tools outside. Outside, do not set fires for lawn trash, campfires, or grills. Check that chains are securely fastened to trucks and trailers and that cigarettes are properly extinguished if you smoke.



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