We Need New WWE Main Events


Vince McMahon and Paul HeymanHere’s a prediction about the state of professional wrestling as we know it: Professional Wrestling will be crap in fifteen years, on life support, or be gone.

Why make such a bold prediction? The business has been going downhill since the purchase of World Championship Wrestling from Ted Turner/AOL/Time Warner and Extreme Championship Wrestling from Paul Heyman.

The “Alliance Invasion” storyline flopped when McMahon bought out his competition in 2001. If memory serves me correctly and if sources were right, McMahon wanted to turn Monday Night Raw into WCW Monday Nitro. Really? Who would want to see that?

WWE did the draft to make it look like there’s “competition” inside the company. Bad move in my philosophical opinion. Today, it’s stupid. They’re moving the titles back and forth on all three shows. They have a undisputed tag team champs for all three shows. What “competition.” Originally they had the Undisputed WWE Champion for Raw and Smackdown. That obliviously didn’t last long.

I also don’t like the “three” World Championships in one company. WCW never did that, neither did ECW. McMahon must want the illusion of those two around, which would explain having three World Champs. To me, it pisses me off and doesn’t make sense. Same with the storylines in the business. Monday Night Raw had John Cena and Triple H face each other. I fell asleep during it. I’m tired of the same old storylines.

McMahon should end the draft, put all superstars together under “one show” umbrella and with that, start making new stars for tomorrow. If not, the company would be near if not non-existent within ten to fifteen years. Guys like MVP, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr, Mike Knox, Dolph Ziggler, could be the next generation of main events, but if Vince doesn’t start pushing them into the main event spotlight.

I wrote an article the other day about a couple of guys teaming up with Jericho to take Edge’s spot as Tag Champs. There’s an open door with one of the top heels on Smackdown injured. A chance to elevate a new star. Would McMahon do such? Let’s hope so.

Come on Vince McMahon. Act like TNA is your competition, like its WCW. Bring back the storylines that brought people to watch your shows and order your pay-per-views and pay money for tickets for live events. Take a hold of what little you have and make it into something huge, like another WrestleMania or the Monday Night War. If not, goodbye wrestling as it once was, what it is, and what it could be.

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