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WCW Monday Nitro Episode Three Review: American Males, American Males, American Males

September 18th, 1995

From Johnson City, Tennessee

[adinserter block=”1″]It should be noted that Big Van Vader is still in the intro and this arena is pretty small for a Nitro arena. In-fact, only 2,031 fans paid to see this show and it had 1,169 freebries. Fall Brawl happened last night, so here are some quick results for those who didn’t watch it on the Network:

Johnny B. Badd defeated Brian Pillman to get a US Title Shot

Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated The Cobra

DDP defeated The Renegade to win the TV Title

Harlem Heat defeated Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater to win the WCW Tag Team Championship

Arn Anderson defeated Ric Flair

Hulk Hogan and His Amazing Friends (Savage, Sting, Luger) defeated The Dungeon of Doom (Kamala, Shark, Meng, Zodiac)

Our main event for tonight is Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman. We get the talking heads at the beginning, but we head to the BACK! An ambulance is pulling up and Mean Gene is on the scene. The doors open and Sullivan/Giant emerge from it and we get a crappy Giant promo. He growls about how he is the one true immortal and they of course bring up Andre. Gene says that Andre (Or his father to avoid direct mention) would be ashamed, but Giant says that Andre would be on his side. The promo mercifully ends; I’m not going to be that hard on the big guy. He was learning the trade on the fly at this point.

We go to the ring for the first match.

The American Males vs The Blue Bloods WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri

The American Males theme is indeed on the same level of that brain worm from the second Star Trek movie. Once it is in your head, there is no way to get it out. Trust me, I’ve tried and even consulted a full lobotomy. Yes, the gimmick is….um…quite…I’m not saying the word out of fear of getting a ton of hate. Let’s just say, it makes the Fabulous Ones videos that Are You Serious lampooned look subtle. Well, the Blue Bloods get attacked by new tag team champions and Heat put the belts on the line against the Males. Mongo actually makes a good call by saying that it made sense to attack The Blue Bloods since we have an ambulance in the building. The room is spinning; Mongo said something that wasn’t stupid and actually MADE SENSE. The best spot of the match was Bagwell going for a leap from but Booker catching him and hitting a power slam. Also, Booker’s Axe Kick looks downright brutal, like Alicia Fox brutal. The finish is that Booker is about to finish Bagwell off when Park comes out, sweeps Sherri off her feet and the Males score the shocking upset. This is a nice moment; you didn’t see a title change on television all that often, especially on Raw. I have to praise Nitro since they were going all out to try and be the alternative to Raw.

Slim Jim Commercial: SNAP IN A SLIM JIM! I love that they keep commercials like these and event ads in the shows. Now, upload the countdown shows for old PPVs.

We come back and Mean Gene is in the ring and its Flair time. Flair comes out in my favorite of Flair robes (Black and white with feathers) and he cuts an intense promo about what’s been going on with him and AA. Flair talks about how Anderson broke the code by bringing up the personal lives of both men and including Pillman in the fight. Flair talks about how he is going to track down Anderson tonight after he beats up Pillman. Good stuff.

This weekend on WCW Saturday Night: Sting vs Lord Steven Regal, Sgt. Craig Pittman vs The Cobra, a Dusty Rhodes interview, and an update on Hulk Hogan. I wonder what the Rhodes interview is about, since they talk about it being a rather personal interview. Goldust maybe?

Paul Orndorff vs Johnny B. Badd

First, I love Orndorff’s theme, it is so obnoxious and it goes along with him looking in a mirror. They also paid money to Gary Spivey of all people to give him a pep talk, so you take the good with the bad. I always loved the confetti gun that Badd carried him, I wanted to have one as a kid, mostly to attack the neighbors with. This one is oddly booked, but it has some charm. The Johnson City crowd busts out the “Paula” chant and Ornorff dodges a potential Badd aerial attack by looking into his mirror. The oddness comes from Badd, who is now in line to face Sting, does the job for Orndorff. They try selling that Badd had been through a grueling match with Pillman (Probably Badd’s best match) the previous night and that might have factored into him losing. I still love that theme though.

We get some footage of Kevin Sullivan (Dressed in full Taskmaster garb with a lifeguard jacket) attacking Savage on the set of Baywatch. What is perplexing is that Flair comes to the rescue and if you remember, Savage and Flair are rivals in the episode. That whole timeline is screwed up, anyways, the episode aired in 1996 when Vader was working for Vince. He does destroy a basketball, which a young Dave Bautista very happy. I’ll review that episode one day, just need to stock up on some not so legal substances to get through it.

Mean Gene is in the ring and we get a Savage promo, and Savage is immense on the microphone at this point. He has the crowd eating out of his hands throughout the whole segment. He accuses Luger of hitting him with a cheap shot during War Games and continues to be paranoid about Sting/Luger/Hart. Savage claims that all three of them will be joining the Dungeon of Doom, which brings Luger out. Luger accuses Savage of having aspirations of taking the belt and having his own agenda, which results in Savage saying that he wants the belt. Luger utters once again that he was tired of playing with children and that he came to WCW for the belt. Savage challenges Luger to a fight and the crowd starts losing it as Savage takes his jacket off as we go to a commercial break. Great segment, must watch. I will give them credit, they made it seem like any one of the Amazing Friends could be conspiring against Hogan. Luger wants the belt, Luger got Savage to admit that he wants the belt, and Sting never got a title shot.

We get a recap of what The Giant did at Fall Brawl, first running over Hogan’s prized motorcycle with a monster truck. I presume that Hulk got the motorcycle for free, because to waste money on destroying a motorcycle is just…I just remembered how much money they wasted on the Sumo Monster Truck Match. We see Giant attacking Hogan after WarGames and I love that he tosses Pee Wee Anderson aside to get into the cage. I remember being shocked that this guy was jumping over the ropes like it was nothing since I was used to Vince’s lumbering giants. Thus far, his offense is the doubled handed choke from Andre and the neck snap that Zeus used.

Main event time!

Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman

[adinserter block=”2″]WCW continues the weird trend of cutting to commercial right when the first wrestler begins to make his entrance. It was dumb to do it with Luger since it was his first match in three years with the company. We come back with Flair making his entrance and Flair looks angry here, no doing his usual Flair mannerisms as he enters. This is a chop fest with both men chopping each-other silly for a good majority of the match. Flair even comes off the top rope to the outside, hitting Pillman with a double axe handle. The interesting aspect of this match is that you get to see some of the loose cannon character, acting a bit unhinged during the match. Pillman hits a beautiful dropkick as Flair comes off the top rope, and Flair even ducks the clothesline on the apron after doing the turnbuckle flip. Overall, it’s probably the best Nitro main event so far as Flair gets Pillman to tap via Figure Four Leglock. Flair cuts a promo after the match threating to kick Arn Anderson’s ass next week. Brian Pillman and Ric Flair had some great matches in the early 90’s and while this isn’t at the level of those matches, it’s still a good one.

We get the announcers hyping up next week’s matches: Disco Inferno in his Nitro debut vs Alex Wright, Kurosawa will be in action, Savage vs Sullivan, and Luger vs Meng. As we finish the show, Heenan is talking about something going down backstage. For now: American Males, American Males, American Males, and most of all American Males.

September 18th, 1995: Mongo said something intelligent.

Never forget.

Raw: 2.7

Nitro: 1.9


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