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WBZ Reporter Shelby Scott Passes Away at 86: Here’s the Cause of Her Death

Shelby was part of the USA’s first all-female anchor team.

Shelby Scott, the reporter largely associated with covering blizzards all over the nation has passed away. She was 86 at the time of her death. Shelby was a TV anchor as well as a former prominent member of AFTRA who pushed for the merger between the SAG and the union in 2012.

Shelby was popularly known all over the nation for her on the scene coverage of storms. She had worked in WBZ for over 30 years. Many people grieved her loss and took to social media to share their condolences. Today we discuss who was Shelby Scott and was the cause of her death:

Who Was Shelby Scott?

Scott was born in Washington and proceeded to receive her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Communication in 1957. In the beginning, she was a traffic manager at KIRO_TV Seattle but was promoted to on-air reporter, editor, producer, and documentary filmmaker.

She moved to WBZ in 1965 and spent her time there as an anchor. She then proceeded to join Gail Harris and became the first-ever all-female anchor team of the local TV. She then chose fieldwork starting from the mid-1980s and went on to cover storms and blizzards live on-site. This, later on, became her trademark.

Her work was so popular that the Boston Globe newspaper often used to measure snowfall in “Shelbys” instead of feet. She became the national president of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) in 1993 and served till 2001. She spearheaded the movement that aimed to fuse AFTRA and the SAG together.

Even after her retirement in 1997, if there was a notable enough storm, Scott would do special reports on them. Her name was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcast Hall of Fame in the year 2008.

Shelby’s Death

Shelby’s cause of death was announced by SAG-AFTRA on Sunday, June 1. She apparently passed away at her home in Tucson, Arizona. As of now no cause of death has been revealed and her family has not issued any official statements regarding her death. The most obvious cause is being speculated to be old age.

Justin Draper, the president of WBZ-TV released a statement grieving the death of Shelby where he said: “We are so sad to learn of the passing of Shelby Scott. Shelby was a force of nature and a legend for her coverage of New England storms. Every time there is a blizzard or nor’easter, viewers always reminisce about Shelby’s reports and are quick to try to crown the ‘next Shelby Scott. There will never be another Shelby. She was one of a kind, and so much more than a storm reporter.”

Many people and acquaintances took to social media to grieve her loss.



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