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What is the Point of Watching WWE RAW?

My moment of internal questioning came long before Monday’s main event, but another match involving some combination of Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins left me feeling like the WWE was openly challenging me.

[adinserter block=”1″]“We dare you to turn this off,” it felt like they were saying. “Fine, not this week? Maybe next week when we do this all again. Or the week after when it’s the same thing.” That can be the only real explanation as to why the WWE is putting out the exact same matches week in and week out, expecting myself and others to tune in to watch their show.

I’ve been a wrestling fan for most of my 28 years on this Earth but for the first time in a long, long time, I’m wondering why it is I’m even bothering. What’s the point anymore? There’s no point in watching the pay-per-views anymore because they’re basically repeats of what we’ve seen on Raw. That or the 227,000th meeting between Cena and Orton (your Hell in a Cell main event for just $9.99!).

Think I’m being a bit dramatic? Check out the pay-per-view lineup. Dean Ambrose fought Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. Brie Bella will take on Nikki, who she pinned clean a few weeks ago. Rusev is facing the Big Show, which he did last week. Cesaro is facing Dolph Ziggler which he did on Raw, pinning him clean. The Miz is taking on Sheamus, which he’s been doing on and off for weeks. It’s literally the exact same thing you’ve seen on Raw ad nauseam. Why in the hell would I want to tune in to the pay-per-view when we’ve seen all of these matches in the last few weeks (or in the case of Cena/Orton, 1.4 million times before)?

More importantly, why in the hell should I invest myself for three hours a week at minimum when nothing is ever different or interesting? I’m to the point where I don’t even care who is featured, just give me something different than I’ve seen for the last several years. It’s laughable that the WWE is internally worried about ratings. Do they not watch their own show? Are they not aware that they’ve been putting out the exact same show for as long as anyone can remember? Who would want to tune in for the same damn thing week after week? The sheer ignorance of the situation is just as maddening as anything else. They make the friggin’ show and can’t realize that it’s awful.

Also, what’s going on with the roster? Why are the same seven guys used on Raw and the rest of the card is basically ignored? Seriously, you can give new guys a chance to make their own mark while filling time. You can seem fresh by just having new matches every once in a while and it takes minimal effort. I’m not asking for ground-breaking angles like the nWo or Austin/McMahon, here. Just try. Show me you’re trying. Show me that you realize the show isn’t up to snuff and that you’re at least trying new things to improve it. Don’t give me the same matches and promos over and over and think that slapping a new name on it makes it worth paying $10/month.

Somewhere along the line, the WWE’s main programming has become annoying and repetitive. The only show worth watching exists in an almost entirely separate universe: NXT. On NXT, they have compelling, interesting, LOGICAL stories. They have fresh matches routinely and the build into the matches that are supposed to matter usually makes sense. There’s drama and importance to these matches. They don’t just throw to “name” wrestlers together and expect that to be enough for you. They build their characters, make them layered and interesting. Raw hasn’t done that in what, six months at least? More than that?

[adinserter block=”2″]This whole rant isn’t some threat to stop watching wrestling. That’ll never happen, as I’ve learned over the course of my life. I eventually come back and I doubt that’ll stop. I just can’t quit you, wrestling. That said, Raw is losing me and I have no problem taking my attention off of the flagship and putting it onto NXT.

It’s just a shame that when all of my favorites graduate to Raw, they’ll be ruined by the stale, stupid product being placed on television.

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  1. No reason to watch, Vince did a very stupid thing when he turned the day to day operations over to his daughter and her peanut sized brain of a husband, I give 4-5 years for the company, if Vince can’t find someone who understand they are an entertainment company and not real wrestlers. Then put a fork in it they’re done.

  2. Well said sir. It baffles me that the people in charge of the largest wrestling organization in the world don’t seem to understand how a wrestling show is supposed to work. I’m beggin’ ya WWE, put me in charge of creative for three months and I guarantee RAW will be better than it is now.

  3. It seems like more and more fans are recognizing how stale and cookie-cutter the product has become. I shouldn’t be surprised but I still am sometimes at just how lazy and repetitive Raw has been for quite some time now. I’ve stopped watching the past couple of months and only read the recaps at this point.

    The product won’t get any better unless people walk away from it for at least a while. An email to WWE explaining why you’re walking away probably wouldn’t hurt.

    If we all just keep watching because we’re hoping it’s going to get better (like many, many people do), the product will never improve.

  4. I could not agree more Ryan. I am anxiously waiting for Mania tickets to go on sale since it is only a 9 hour drive from my house this year, but I have not been able to make it through a whole RAW in sometime. For years I was exhausted Tuesday morning because I get up for work at 4am but I always watched RAW until the end. Not lately, its a little boring.


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