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Redskins Blow It With The Donovan McNabb Trade

Donovan McNabbIf there is one thing you can count on in an NFL offseason it is a bonehead move by the Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins have practically led the NFL the last few years in free agent and trade busts. The Redskins pulled a doozy this year when they traded draft picks for Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb.

The amazing part of this story is that it is the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Eagles fans that are catching the shrapnel for this one. The Philadelphia Eagles and their fans are getting slaughtered by NFL analysts, reporters, and fans. The Philadelphia Eagles are getting hammered for trading Donovan McNabb within the division to the Washington Redskins. Philadelphia Eagles fans are getting bashed for being hypocrites. Take it from me as a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan I am not worried one bit.

Out of 30 NFL teams, the Washington Redskins are probably the last team that should have been in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes. The Redskins are a team with a pitiful offensive line, below average wide receivers, and a pair of running backs that are well past their prime. This is a team in dire need of far more than a veteran quarterback at this stage of the game. Anyone that expects Donovan McNabb to come in here and light it up hasn’t paid much attention to the Washington Redskins the last few years.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Washington Redskins need a quarterback, a young quarterback. The Redskins need a franchise rookie quarterback that can grow with the team over the next few years. The Washington Redskins have a phenomenal defense, which gives them the luxury of taking the next couple of years to build the offense. A 33-year old injury-prone quarterback on the cusp of a new mega deal is the last thing that the Washington Redskins need in 2010. By the time the Redskins are seriously ready to compete, Donovan McNabb will be 36-years old. While that isn’t necessarily old by today’s QB standards, he is a 36-year old QB with a lot of injuries.

The Redskins are going to learn fast what Philadelphia Eagles fans have learned over the last few years. Donovan McNabb is not a leader. The Redskins need a quarterback over the course of this rebuilding era that is a leader. Washington Redskins fans will also learn quickly that Donovan McNabb was at his best when he was behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL for several years. Once any of the regular linemen went down, McNabb struggled. I can’t see Donovan McNabb or even Drew Brees improving the Redskins that much without a secure offensive line.

Then there is the head coach. I have already written my critical blog on Mike Shanahan so I won’t go through it all again. Yet I will tell you that Mike Shanahan is a very overrated coach. I suspect that Shanahan will struggle here and guess who will be the fall guy? Believe me, Redskins fans will be calling into sports talk radio shows like we did in Philadelphia by November with regrets over the Donovan McNabb. His fault or not, Donovan McNabb won’t have the good will of several Pro Bowl seasons like he did in Philly.

[adinserter block=”2″]I also tend to lean more with 30 other teams in the NFL in regards to the value of Donovan McNabb. Andy Reid took the best deal for Donovan McNabb. This tells me that as much as NFL analysts and reporters prop up Donovan McNabb as this great franchise quarterback, 30 other teams didn’t think he was worth a top 42 draft pick. When I look at a team that was just a quarterback away from doing big things I look at the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos, and yes even the Oakland Raiders. Those teams knowing that they are just one franchise quarterback away from advancing to the NFL playoffs didn’t think it was worth a top pick to acquire Donovan McNabb. Matt Cassel was traded for a 34th round pick whereas Donovan McNabb was traded for a 37th pick. What does that tell you about what the NFL thought of Donovan McNabb?

Are the Philadelphia Eagles that foolish for trading McNabb within the division? Critics are quick to forget that trading Donovan McNabb within the division gives them a quarterback twice a year that they know better than any other quarterback in the NFL. It amazes me here as to the free pass that the Redskins are getting for the trade. Could the Redskins use a young stud on the offensive line or a breakout wide receiver at 37 in the draft or do they really need an older veteran quarterback on the downside of his career?

All in all I think the Philadelphia Eagles made out like bandits and the Washington Redskins will rule the day they made this trade. The cynic in me asks if Mike Shanahan made this trade to find a fall guy once Shanamania leaves Washington.

Now if the Redskins would only trade for Andy Reid. Well, one can hope!

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