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Was Kenny Omega Right to Stay in New Japan pro Wrestling?

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After week’s of speculation fueled by cryptic tweets following his six star match at Wrestling Kingdom 11, Kenny Omega’s immediate future was made clear this week. Omega confirmed on the Wrestling Observer Radio show that he is in negotiations to re-sign with NJPW. While the deal is not yet done, Omega is certainly planning to stay with NJPW and revealed he is flying back to Japan in mid-February to work it out.

Speculation of Omega joining the WWE reached fever pitch and many thought that Omega would be one of the surprise entrants in this years Royal Rumble. Whilst the thought of seeing Omega inside the WWE squared circle is certainly a mesmerizing one, you definitely cannot blame Omega for his decision which will allow him the opportunity to build on his legacy in Japan and much more.
Continuing with NJPW will give Omega the opportunity to continue to build on his hugely successful 2016 with the company and be at the forefront of the promotions worldwide expansion. As one of the only main card wrestlers from the West, he is creating himself a niche within NJPW which will empower him to drive the growth of the company across the globe.

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In re-signing with NJPW Omega will also pretty much guarantee himself a top spot at the company in the foreseeable future. The buzz created from Wrestle Kingdom 11 alone is certainly something which NJPW would be mad not to capitalize on. Omega has also been craving capturing a major Title for NJPW and this new deal will put him in a strong place to tick that off of his bucket list. But Title or not, NJPW presents Omega with some of the best workers in the World who are all more than capable of pushing Omega to strive to his very best.

The WWE at present cannot offer him anything near what NJPW can and that was almost certainly one of the key influences behind his decision not to join the WWE at this stage. There are certainly big names within the WWE who would be more than capable of putting on exciting programs with Omega, although as history has shown us its real difficult not to get lost in the roster. Both Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura have felt this first hand and whilst their natural talent has enabled them to spearhead the WWE’s developmental brand NXT, there is certainly an argument to be had that these two men should both be fighting for major Title’s on the promotions main shows and PPV’s.
Omega now stands a great chance to continue to prove just why the world are calling him the best wrestler in the world. It may be difficult for him to exceed his achievements to date but under the New Japan brand he has the opportunity for new rivalries as well as rekindling some old ones. The options really are endless for Omega with the potential to defend his G1 Climax Trophy, take down Suzuki-Gun with the Bullet Club, and there is always that rematch with Okada to be had! Add in matches with Ibushi and Naito and you can see 2017 getting really busy for him really fast.
Kenny Omega is already making decent inroads towards reaching his goal of becoming the best foreign worker in Japan. His Japanese career didn’t happen by coincidence, he has always declared his love for the Japanese fans and their culture. With another year or so under his wings in Japan, Omega can certainly put himself in strong contentions to reach that goal and whilst he has ruled himself out of the WWE right now, there is nothing to say that we won’t see him make that move in the future.

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