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Warner Brothers Axes Charlie Sheen – What’s Next For Both?

Charlie Sheen called into the Howard Stern Show todayUnless you have been living under a rock, or sleeping quite heavily the past few weeks, you have heard plenty of stories about Carlos Irwin Estevez, a.k.a. Charlie Sheen.

From stories of hotel trashing to stories about drugs and alcohol abuse, to the “War of Words” between Charlie Sheen and creators of his now former show “Two And A Half Men“, we have all been quite full with stories of the actor, and now Warner Brothers has decided to part ways with him.

It seemed inevitable that Sheen would self-destruct in all of this, and he was lured in nicely by non-stop interviews and around the clock watch. Sheen ripped into show creators with racial slurs, self-praising to a degree where many people found him to be suffering from a nervous breakdown or some sort of alleged drug abuse. He managed to have his children removed from his home after his ex-wife told police that Sheen has threatened her and in so many words said he would “chop her head off“. He said anything he could to get a rise out of CBS, Warner Brothers, the American public, and his friends and family. Is he truly losing his mind? Is he over the edge and at the end of his career? Or is he playing the role that we have watched him play so well over the past 8 years?

[adinserter block=”2″] I for one have always seen the role of Charlie Harper on Two And A Half Men as sort of a semi-auto-biographical look into the life of Sheen. Harper is an entertainer who is unable to settle down with a woman, a family or a clean lifestyle. We watch him womanize, drink heavily, hide behind his wealth and belongings, and dance to the beat of his own drummer.

Literally the show could be called “Sheen Unseen” or something to that effect. He has even commented that the shows lead character is “based on me, so it would be impossible to replace me”. Let’s face it, when the show was created, you know this is the guy in mind, and it glorified and poked fun at his very habits in life. They even went as far as to have former Sheen women such as Denise Richards and Heather Locklear on the show in roles as Harper’s women. Do the math and it makes sense.

So there are arguments for both sides here, but has Sheen not been able to bring his best stuff to “Men”? After all it was the number 1 watched comedy on TV, and the most popular amongst male viewers 18-49. CBS was bringing in $200,000 for 30 second advertising spots during the show and in its firing of Sheen and the canceling of the show for the rest of the season can possibly lose as much as $155,000,000 dollars. With Sheen, erratic as he may have been, they were not losing one red cent. Yes he was bringing bad publicity, but it was that same bad publicity that had viewers coming back for more. CBS and Warner have yet to decide the future of the show, but could it possibly be the same with a new actor, or just continue with the squeaky clean character of Alan (played by Jon Cryer), and his often lost-in-the-moment son Jake (played by Angus Jones)? What could the show do to survive, if anything at all?

Sheen meanwhile is already rumored to be in talks with Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban for a possible reality show and already aired his own internet talk show. There are also talks of a “Major League 3” but a return of Sheen’s character Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn has not yet been made official. Also Sheen’s legal team said it has every intention of suing Warner Brothers for breach of the “Two And A Half Men” contract. A few weeks ago Sheen said in an interview about the show’s creators that, “We will probably never be able to work together again, but you know sometimes you just have to be men, sit down in a room and say, look we know we hate each other, let’s just go forward and continue to make great television”. An idea that would truly benefit all involved, but a solution that some feel is just going to send Sheen further down the spiral.

Of the possibilities of what happens to “Men” here are some scenarios that have come through rumors, thoughts or just crazy ideas:

1. The show goes on with Alan and Jake with the Charlie Harper character being mentioned as in rehab or fleeing, which would work well, for about a season before the show would vanish.

2. A friend of Charlie comes in to keep watch of the house, and continue the boozing, womanizing ways. Former show guest Sean Penn could be a possibility as the replacement. He has had such a run himself in the past, and could be a good fit, but would the audience buy it?

3. The character of Herb is brought into the home after a divorce from his wife and Alan’s ex-wife Judith. The show would take on a more calm approach in the beginning, but could be met with more of 2 struggling men in the field of women while Jake continues to grow into his Uncle Charlie, rather than in the footsteps of his father.

4. Someone totally new is brought in as another relative and takes the house over from Charlie. I cannot even begin to imagine the avenues.

What all these scenarios do is keep the show floating for a period of time, and maybe, just maybe, some kind of ugly court battle will result in Sheen returning to the show, that is of course he can survive himself now that he does not have a regular work schedule. He speaks of new found sobriety, but does so in a way that leads us to believe that he is done playing nice with authority, and has no desire to be anyone’s “yes-man”. He claims to be “High on Charlie Sheen” he claims to have “Tigers blood running in his veins“, has called former president Thomas Jefferson “a pu#$y” and even has made mention to having “Adonis DNA“. Sheen has said that he is leading a new charge, and that he has many disciples at his side for use if needed. In a whole, it is not the talks of a sane person, but more of an angry man who is about to graciously walk away from society as we know it, to face a world as he knows it.

Public opinion goes both ways here. Some feel he should disappear and never be able to father his children or act again. His lifestyle in which he shares a home with his 2 girlfriends or “The Goddesses” as he calls them makes him idolized by men and loathed by women, but not all women, some find it true entertainment. Sheen has said that “there is not a person in this world who wouldn’t want to party with me”, and I for one agree. I’ll admit, to live that fun-filled, wild ride for a week sounds like a paradise. He makes some sense, am I wrong? He claims that “men with ugly wives and ugly kids would love to be in his shoes”, perhaps, but many will hate him for saying it.

No matter what, in due time this will go away, like everything in pop culture. We will all follow it, talk about it, pass opinions and make up our own stories until it is over-played and burned out. Meanwhile it is the story of both a man’s life and the fat cat bosses that put him out of work. It is also the story of a man with too much for his own good. Perhaps the world should back off and let it go away now. Such popular drug-related stories in entertainment seem to have best results when much forgotten. Robert Downey Jr. has seemed to get his act together and his finding his best fame ever. Singer Scott Weiland spent time without a band through a tough bout with heroine, but since has found fame with Velvet Revolver and is now back with Stone Temple Pilots. In this nobody knows how clean or sober these men are, but they have found success, and maybe Sheen can too, if we all manage to back off him for a while.

[adinserter block=”1″]We have to keep in mind that this story will get worse before better. Sheen has called his firing “deplorable” and feels a reason to lash out. He now has everyone wondering just what he will say next and that after all is entertainment. We want to know what these multi-millionaires with to much extreme will do next, be it an athlete or actor we like to be a part of their lives, we want to know what comes next, much like we view into the TV episodes.

So, for now “Two And A Half Men” has become a bit of a spin off, loving known as “The Sheen Chronicles”. Missing is the cute nephew, but the confused parent, the clueless brother, the women, and mystery of “what is that guy on” continues as planned. Maybe he has no case against Warner? It seems the show is moving along just fine.

Many of the quotes and stories listed here can be found by simply googling “Charlie Sheen” or searching him via the internet. I have not personally interviewed him or any of the parties involved, but am just telling the story as I hear it, and as I think it. Many and all of you are welcome to your opinions, and this, for the moment is mine. Thanks for the time, oh by the way, I did not take the time out to say I’m “Winning”!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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