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Warm Bodies 2: Will There Ever Be a Sequel for the Zom-Com?

The Warm Bodies are getting cold now.

You might be familiar with Zombie movies featuring the brainless, heartless, always hungry zombies who will eat you raw. But Warm Bodies was unlike any zombie movie ever made as it featured the story from a zombie’s perspective.

The movie featured a zombie romance theme which was comically called zom-com but had its own element of a thriller, horror, and action movie. The movie was loved by critics and watchers alike and it even got a score of 81% on the Tomatometer.

The movie was released in 2013 and it left the fans with expectation for more. However, no further plans for the movie were announced. So would the highly anticipated sequel ever actually happen?

Here is what we know:

What Is “Warm Bodies” About?

Warm Bodies was adapted from the novel by Isaac Marion of the same name. The novel featured a romance like William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and told the story of a Zombie that fell in love.

The movie was set in a post-apocalyptic world and followed the story of a zombie named R who was in the early stage of his decaying process. The world is filled with lifeless zombies with severe bloodthirst however, R is different as he still has some thoughts.

R saves a girl named Julie from other zombies and falls in love with her while discovering his human side. But R has to realize the difference between the two’s circumstances and face multiple challenges in his quest for love.

Will There Be a Sequel?

Apparently, the book “Warm Bodies” by Marion has both a sequel as well as a prequel. The prequel was titled “The New Hunger” and two sequel books were called “The Burning World” and “The Living”. What this means is that there is plenty of content for moviemakers to make a sequel for the movie.

If there is a sequel then it could continue the story of R as he continued to discover more of himself and a prequel of the movie could feature a younger Julie and her struggles of growing up in a world full of zombies.

However, until now there was no official news about there being a sequel of the movie so the chances are very bleak.

A TV Series in Development

Interestingly, it was announced a while back that a TV series for “Warm Bodies was in the works under Megamix, a production company by Levine as a part of a deal with Lionsgate. Back then, the series was speculated to have been released by 2021 however no news has come about the series so far.

The delay could be because of the lockdown that happened due to the pandemic. It is not sure if the cast members from the movie will return for the TV series but the story will certainly be related to the movie.

Take everything with a grain of salt until any official news comes about a sequel or a series.



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