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Wanderlei Silva Wants To Test Brian Stann’s Chin

Wanderlie Silva has no problem sharing his fight strategy for his upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 8 main-event against Brian Stann. Wanderlei is going in there to try and knock out his middleweight foe.

[adinserter block=”1″]Wanderlei Silva will be stepping into the Saitama Arena on March 3 to fight what some people think may be his last MMA fight of his career. At 36-years old the UFC fighter has probably absorbed more punishment from his popular fight style than most fighters his age. Yet the pressures of retirement don’t appear to be slowing down the Axe Murderer one bit.

Silva is set to fight Brian Stann in the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 8 headliner from Japan. The fight pits two top middleweights at the crossroads of both men’s careers. The style of both fighters has the potential to make this one an early candidate for Fight of the Year. If Silva has anything to say about it, he will deliver the slugfest that MMA fans are hoping to see from Japan.

Silva recently released a video blog talking about his fight with Stann. It is a fantastic video and there is a lot to take from it. However, my most important takeaway was Silva laying his battle plan on the table. Silva is looking for the KO.

Japan has a different atmosphere, a different energy. I’ll be tasting that energy again on March 3. I can only guarantee one thing to my opponent and to all of you who will be watching: You will see a Wanderlei full of disposition. I will be testing Brian Stann’s chin. I am feeling stronger, faster, and more explosive. This fight will be a classic. Someone will end up on the ground, and not because of a takedown.

I make no bones about it. Wanderlei is probably my favorite MMA fighter of all-time. What I love about him is what everyone loves about him, his desire for war. Silva has slowed down a few steps in recent years but that doesn’t stop him from attempting a war. Some fighters will do all they can to avoid that while others like Chris Leben will oblige. Hopefully Stann obliges in March.

Wanderlei also talks about the way he influenced fan reaction in Japan when he fought for Pride FC. I think Wanderlei may be a little full of himself here as I can remember plenty of excitement from MMA fans before Silva ever fought in Japan. Nonetheless the former Pride FC champion would like you to know that if it weren’t for him, the Japanese MMA audience wouldn’t know how to cheer.

[adinserter block=”2″]”The Japanese public is unique. Most people comment on that they are very quiet. Something that many people don’t know about but Wanderlei Silva taught the public to cheer. One day, I was watching an event there with 22,000 people and during the fight, I could hear a cell phone ringing. I asked my coach, ‘Is that a cell phone ringing?’ He said, ‘Yes, that is a cell phone.’ But with the Pride fights, we succeeded at doing a good job, and we had great fights. Fights full of excitement. And with that the fans started cheering more. You could see the improvement as the public was being reeducated. Because Pride was the first event at that level and size. It was a unique moment in the history of the sport.

Arrogant yes, but I still love the guy anyway.

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