Walker Season 3: Everything We Need to Know


CW’s famous drama series Walker is all in talks currently. This is so because there have been anticipations and ambiguousness regarding the third season of the show. Walker was released in the year 2022 and has two seasons aired till now. The drama series as soon as it was released gained popularity and was loved by many.

This encouraged the release of its second season too. The series however has lacked behind in terms of rating across the platforms. For instance, the show has a low score of 33% on rotten tomatoes. On the other hand, it has a 5.9 on IMDB.

The cardinal reason behind the low score of the John K. Patterson-produced series is its base. The series is based on a  priorly released show of Walker, Texas Ranger. The series lacks a certain sense of originality and hence possesses a low rating.

However, the makers have overcome these challenges through several enthralling factors in the show itself. The show is a kinda reimagination of Walker, Texas Ranger. These unique factors have attracted several viewers and fans from around.

Therefore, the buzz around season 3 needs to be cleared, to give the fans clarity. So let us know more about season 3 of Walker and whether is it happening?

Is Walker Season 3 Happening?

Fortunately, Yes. The original network, The CW has given its assent for the Season 3 of the series. The same was conveyed by the network in March 2022 only.

According to Mark Pedowitz, chairman and CEO of The CW Network, “as we get ready for the 2022–23 season, these scripted series, along with the alternative series we renewed earlier, will serve as the start of a solid foundation utilizing some of our most-watched series for us to build on for next year and beyond.”

We look forward to adding more new and returning series to further reinforce and expand our multiplatform footprint. These dramas are also crucial to our broader digital strategy as they are some of our most streamed and socially engaged programs.

Walker Season 3 Release Date

As of June 23, 2022, The CW has not confirmed Walker Season 3’s release date. Production will begin this year, reports say. Fans will get the following season sooner than planned.

The network was renewed before season two ended. The third season should air next year based on the first two. Speculatively, we’d say mid-to late-2023. The network will finalize these details in the coming months.

Plot for Season 3 of Walker

Walker Season 3 will pick up from Something’s Missing, which aired on June 23, 2022. Steve Robin directed and Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke wrote. Official synopsis: “Gale tells Geri about his background; Trey evaluates Capt. James’ offer.”

Walker Season 3’s pilot episode will follow this trend. While it’s tough to determine the second season’s specific storyline structure this early on, it’s been theorized that it will pick up any cliffhangers and subplots and plunge directly into this realm, offering viewers something new to look at instead of the same old themes.


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