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Waiting For March 3 Chicago: WWE Monday Night Raw

It’s been about two weeks since C.M Punk walked out of the WWE, and there has been the expected talk from those who agree with him, those who don’t, and of course the speculation from many that this is nothing more than one elaborate work. Of course in the world of the WWE and the business in general, one could never rule that out.

[adinserter block=”1″]For years the company has done such a good job in mixing truth and fiction that it’s hard to know what to believe when any of their breaking stories come out, and this is no exception.

Personally, I don’t believe it’s a work. I believe C.M Punk was frustrated enough to walk out, and it may be a long time until he returns to the company should he return at all. I take time here to explore some of the reasons why people believe it’s a work and why. I list a few reasons to why it could be a work, and the few reasons it’s not.

Why it’s a Work

1. Summer of Punk story 2. There were rumors going around that the company was planning another summer of Punk storyline, so what better way to start that story by making it look as if he walked out of the company, the day after being screwed at the Royal Rumble? To some this makes all the sense in the world because this not only allows time to build the story, but it also allows Punk to take some much needed time off. With WrestleMania 30 coming up, not to mention the Raw in Chicago on March 3 before that, Punk would have plenty of time to return just in time for those shows perhaps even with Vince at his side to oppose the authority that forced Punk to leave in the first place. The story would continue all the way until the summer and who knows maybe Vince can turn on him at some point too. This scenario presents a lot of opportunities and of course they can add Daniel Bryan to the story as well.

2. C.M Punk would not leave so much money behind. Punk’s current deal expires in July. Walking out at this time allows the company to place him in breach of contract. This means all incoming money he can earn (since the day he walked) from merchandise sales, videogames, and even royalty money from the upcoming WWE Network doesn’t have to be paid out to him. That’s a whole lot of money Punk stands to lose here if he really chooses not to return. A lot of money to lose even if he is financially set as some have reported. Would he really be willing to do that? Or the question I should really be asking is; did he really do that?

3. Punk’s merchandise continues to be sold on the WWE website, and in arenas everywhere. This doesn’t prove anything to me, for the company can continue to sell any C.M Punk merchandise while he is still legally under contract. They stand to make the money here if he is in breach. However many are pointing out that the company added a new shirt and cap for him, not long after he walked which they see as very convenient. To them this proves Punk is not really gone.

Why it’s Not a Work

1. Punk was reportedly frustrated and unhappy for a long time now. Would another summer of Punk storyline be enough to appease him right now? It doesn’t seem likely unless it was supposed to lead to some main event story at WrestleMania. And as of right now we know that’s not the case.

2. C.M Punk has not been mentioned anymore on Raw or Smackdown. When he didn’t show up on Raw the day after the Rumble, I had wondered if anything was up especially when I didn’t see any highlights of his role at the Royal Rumble the night before. Punk had been screwed by Kane, and that storyline was being pushed as one of the more important ones especially since it was supposed to lead to a match with HHH at WrestleMania. Even if Punk had the night off they still would have showed what happened, and they would have made up some excuse to why he wasn’t there. This has continued to be the case since.

3. He was reportedly pulled from all future events he was advertised for including WrestleMania Axess, WrestleMania itself, and even the Monday Night Raw on March 3 that is supposed to take place in his home town of Chicago. Refunds were reportedly being offered with no explanations to why Punk wouldn’t be there. While anything can change in the upcoming weeks it doesn’t seem likely that the WWE would go this far for a storyline.

[adinserter block=”2″]These are only a few reasons on why people believe this is a work, and why they don’t. Like I already said, I don’t believe it’s a work. I do believe C.M Punk is gone, and may be for a long time. Of course I know how fast they can still turn this whole thing into a work should Punk return. Whatever the case may be we will learn for sure when Monday Night Raw hits Chicago on March 3. If Punk doesn’t show up at that show, (we’ll see if the company mentions him between now and then) I don’t think there should be any more doubts that he really is gone. At least for now.

Ana M. Torres is the author of Love Child, Child No More, and is the author of the J and K Christmas titles. She has also submitted articles to Yahoo Voices and Wikinut.

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