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Waiting For John Cena To Do The Right Thing

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger. And in wrestling circles you wait to see if John Cena will finally make his long awaited heel turn in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]Forget about Randy Orton’s long awaited turn, which took almost a year to complete. The IWC and the rest of the wrestling world is waiting for what they hope to be the inevitable – proving first and foremost the company cannot survive without Cena as their top draw, and second the Randy Orton/Authority angle is on life support and news a crash cart and several doctors to revive it.

If Cena could give WWE fans one gift for Christmas and the coming year, a heel turn would do us all a little good. It also puts another spin on the Authority with Cena standing next to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley as the most powerful wrestler in the business at any one time.

A heel turn for Cena also helps solidify him as one of the all-time greats. I spoke of him earlier last week as just being a “gimmick” wrestler who happened to hold many titles and was chasing Ric Flair’s record of 16 world titles. But instead of becoming the “Sting” of the WWE, fighting the good fight and defending the brand and initials of the company, why not use his “strengths” to the company’s advantage? There is more than one way to incorporate a wrestler’s brand that makes an estimated $100 million for the promotion, where I personally believe a move to the dark side makes him more marketable. This is not a Hulk Hogan-like move. It is a move for the good of professional wrestling. But certain things have to happen with it. First – Cena must make the WWE Universe hate him. He also must denounce the idea that he is a man of fundamentals. Once he starts peeling back the layers of the onion, he will be more accepted by the WWE Universe and fans worldwide.

If all accounts are correct – and with Hogan I am never sure – it was Hogan’s idea to turn heel to get bigger ratings for WCW and to beat Vince McMahon at his own game. The WWE right now is fighting for ratings and to claim itself as the wrestling power in the business. Should Cena do the unthinkable, he would also need to call out a rival, like Hogan did with Sting. In this case, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk should jump to the top of the list. And with the current angle of the two superstars in a program with the Wyatts, this will take some time. I do not see a change in Cena in three weeks, I see it more of a progression that will happen after the Royal Rumble (or at the grand event with two titles on the line).

You can never have too much drama when it comes to title unification and a major swerve in wrestling circles.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Hogan move was a necessary move, this is not. This is more of a desire for change. I have written, as others have as well, that wrestling is stale. Feuds are futile and the future looks ominous. The WWE blew its chance with Daniel Bryan. The WWE missed a great chance with Dolph Ziggler. The WWE has flubbed the Authority angle. There needs to be more done. I could see a balance in power change as well with Stephanie and Triple H to battle each other for control of the WWE – but as we all know, that has not happened yet. Stay tuned.

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  1. no wrestling fan is going to buy this if it does happen. he is the company's biggest draw and literally the face of the company. this will go over about as well as the austin turn did and that was not well. Al is right in that only the people who are tired of him or do not want to be seen cheering for him are the only ones who want to see this move.

  2. Great article, David.

    Part of me sympathizes with Vince. He's watching ratings and ppv buys incrementally but steadily go lower and lower. The one sure thing about his business, the one thing he can count on to generate income is John Cena. When little else is working, why change the thing that's been working (at least financially) for years?

    Obviously this has to happen at some point, all the better if it happens while Cena is still one of the top 3 guys.

    The biggest benefit I could see to a well done heel turn for Cena would be some space at the top for the other babyfaces in the company. There's only two guys on Cena's level: Punk and DBry. Cena being a heel would not only benefit those two wrestlers, but it would also allow guys at that next level down (Ziggler, Rhodes, etc) some room to elevate themselves.

    Of course, WWE hasn't done much of anything well lately.. I have little doubt that even if they did get brave enough to turn Cena heel, they'd screw it up.

  3. People who keep pushing this agenda really want to cheer for Cena deep down inside. Stop pushing it down to look cool people. If you wanna cheer for him, cheer for him! Life will be easier and a Cena heel turn can be used when it makes sense to do it.

  4. This would not only work but be fantastic both storyline wise and match wise. Therefore it will never happen. The WWE has gotten so lame and boring that they will not ever turn Cena. Not in 2014 no no no. They don’t have any competition, so they don’t have to do anything risky. What they don’t realize is that there is competion it’s just not WCW or ECW, it’s ALL the other shows on Monday night. Just look at the ratings…. As they go down down down.


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