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Wait A Minute…Isn’t Enzo Amore Under 205 Pounds?

With the rebirth of the WWE Cruiserweight Division and its namesake championship, there are now even more jobs and opportunities for wrestlers to get their foot into WWE’s door. The rebirth also opens the door for returns, such as Tajiri’s Cruiserweight Classic appearance and Brain Kendrick’s return to WWE competition on the main roster as well.

One can’t help but to be happy for Indie studs such as Cedric Alexander, Johnny Gargano, and current champion TJ Perkins, but the presence of a belt for all competitors under 205 pounds makes you wonder if the smaller wrestlers on the flagship show will be able to use the division as a way to gain some newfound television time also. Or, in Enzo Amore’s case, a chance at being a champion on a roster where he is the odd man out.

Before you write this article off, let’s just analyze Enzo’s chances at gold. The United States Championship is being held by the man who Vince never would have turned his back on before his drug suspension, Roman Reigns. Seeing as how Reigns has won Raw’s second tier championship, one can assume that he is somewhat out of McMahon’s doghouse and will be considered for a main event run down the road if WWE sees more injuries to top talent. Another thing to think about is the type of United States title reigns that Rusev has been given. The way that WWE books Rusev when he is US Champion is very respectable. While this would make for a very interesting underdog angle for Amore, Mr. McMahon may not be too high on the smaller worker carrying the second tier title of the flagship show.

Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion, and while Owens doesn’t seem like a prototypical “Vince McMahon guy”, Big Cass got the final spot in the world championship fatal four-way match, not Enzo. This shows that the creative team and Mr. McMahon are very high on Big Cass right now, and that when the time comes for an opportunity to split the tandem up, Enzo may be left out to dry if his solo in-ring work doesn’t improve anytime soon.

Now, on to the belt that seems the most realistic, the Raw Tag Team Championships. WWE looks to be seriously considering having The New Day break the all-time Tag Team Championship record for the longest reign in WWE history. That’s fine, but that involves a lot of jobbing from the other tag teams on the Raw roster. Cesaro and Sheamus and Team JeriKO seem to be being built up as tag teams who will receive title opportunities in the near future. That means that there is even more competition to politic backstage against. It also doesn’t bode well that Enzo and Cass are a comedic babyface team just like The New Day and, storyline wise, that never mixes in WWE’s traditional booking style.

So that leaves only one strap left that Amore would be eligible for. The 5 foot 11, 200 pound certified G and bonafide stud is 5 pounds under the required weight limit to compete as a cruiserweight. Enzo is already over as a tag team specialist because of his mic skills and relationship with Big Cass, but what if a scrappy New Jersey brawler could win some gold of his own? What if Big Cass continues to gain favor with the powers that be backstage? Enzo is not as technically gifted as most of the veteran workers in the Cruiserweight division, but his mic work is leaps and bounds above all of them. Combine that with the fact that he already has outside interactions and relations with Champs sports and influential people within the world of Hip Hop and that states a strong enough case to have Enzo Amore booked as a strong contender. Even if the means the man draped in Leopard print has to rock a little bit of purple around his waist.


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