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Deja Vu For Young And Leinart – Video

Vince YoungIn a moment right out of the Rose Bowl, Vince Young did it to Matt Leinart again and scored a touchdown to win the game as time wound down. Vince Young drove the Tennessee Titans 99 yards, converted three fourth-downs, and used just one time out to provide one of the best finishes to an NFL regular season game you will ever see. Young’s game-winning touchdown was as clutch as it comes, and once again stole another win from Matt Leinart. Check out the video of Vince Young’s game-winning touchdown drive below.

This was one of those great sports finishes that will give you chills. The irony here is that it was Young’s mistake to close out the first half that necessitated the theatrics. Young had the ball with 0:08 left in the first half at Arizona’s 11-yard line. Young wound up holding on to the ball too long and took a sack, which ended the half and cost the Titans an easy three points. The irony there is if Young didn’t make the mistake, the Titans get the field goal, and the game-winning drive ends on a far less theatrical field goal. Maybe Vince just wanted to ensure another Rose Bowl finish?

Jeff Fisher is getting a lot of praise for turning around the Tennessee Titans 0-6 season. Fisher switched quarterbacks coming out of the bye and has gone undefeated since starting Vince Young. Jeff Fisher should be roasted and criticized the same way he has been praised, for keeping someone as talented as Vince Young on the bench. If not for owner Bud Adams asking that Young play, one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL would still be sitting on the bench. This is nothing I would be proud of I were Jeff Fisher. Personally, I think Fisher should be on the hot seat for costing his team six games with such a ridiculous move.

As for Vince Young, it is obvious that this kid is a legitimate NFL starting quarterback. You don’t win as many NFL games as he has won by accident. Plus, this guy has been winning games in the clutch going back to his days in Texas. Young had three back-to-back fourth quarter wins in his NFL rookie season! There is something to be said about a quarterback that constantly finds wayS to win. He may not be the smartest quarterback at times (see the above first-half ending sack against the Cardinals), but he always gives you a chance to win. The amazing part of this story is that if not for Bud Adams, he would probably still be on the bench. Hopefully Jeff Fisher traded in his Peyton Manning jersey for a Vince Young jersey.

I can’t think of a better season for game-winning touchdowns than the 2009 NFL season and it’s not even December yet.

The game and the touchdown

The Rose Bowl

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