Vince Russo Comments on TNA Impact Wrestling Departure


Vince RussoGod’s gift to wrestling booking Vince Russo has finally broken his silence. Yes, you can now breathe easy after hearing the truth behind the “shocking” departure of the brains behind TNA Wrestling.

Yes Vince Russo, that Vince Russo has broken his silence. The story made headlines around the Internet…well on pro wrestling blogs and news websites. After a lengthy deliberation Russo has released a statement that I know you cannot wait to read.

[adinserter block=”2″]”Despite the continuing rumors, speculation, and hearsay surrounding my departure from TNA Wrestling, in an effort to set the record straight, I was not fired, terminated, released, or let go from the company–it was my decision to walk away, and from there the separation was mutual, amicable and professional.

It simply makes good business sense that where someone of my talent and ability was not going to be used to their capability or capacity, that a parting of the ways was inevitable.

In closing, I’d like to thank my fellow writer and friend, Matt Conway, for giving me purpose, my friend and brother, Jeff Jarrett, for hiring me, Dixie Carter and the entire Carter family, for keeping me employed, but, more importantly, every man and woman in the locker room for giving me the opportunity, and ability, to work in the professional wrestling business for the past twenty years. Without their blood, sweat and tears . . . I would have not been able to support my family and make a living. My greatest loss by far is leaving them behind. And truly, from the bottom of my heart, I wish TNA all the best in their future endeavors.

PS: I couldn’t help myself with that last line, but I truly DO wish TNA all the success in the world!

Peace, Vince

For me, I find this to be the height of narcissism when it comes to Vince Russo. The idea that this guy is sitting around believing anyone cared for one minute to spread a rumor about him is ridiculous. As a matter of a fact, I don’t think anyone reported anywhere that he got fired. Maybe I am a little harsh on this one, but it just comes off to me as a guy who thinks that people care a lot more about him than anyone truly does.

I have nothing against Vince Russo, never met him. However, the fact is that he had a pretty damned good run in pro wrestling for 20 years. Coming in as a radio host and being the head booker for two major pro wrestling companies, in addition to a member of a writing team that created one of the most exciting eras in WWE history is truly something to celebrate. At the same time, just because you do something for 20 years doesn’t always mean you did it well for 20 years.

[adinserter block=”1″]My hunch is that this guy has more ego than humility, especially for someone that was not even an on-air talent (well not recently). He has already signed up to do a live shoot interview. My guess is that he will somehow find himself as a regular member of the Internet wrestling community as either a blogger or radio host. I just get the feeling that he is a guy wrapped up more in whatever fame he has mustered from pro wrestling than the humility of being responsible for some of the most atrocious booking I have ever watched as a wrestling fan.

Thank you Vince Russo. Now we can all go on with our lives.

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  1. The wrestlers are to blame?

    The only wrestler I can really blame is the Great Khali, and even then it's not really his fault. These 'entertainer's are at the mercy of 'creative'. Just as much as any actor on any TV show. Sure, there are times when the actors/entertainers turn crap into gold because of their natural talent, but even that only goes so far.

    This isn't an era of options for wrestlers. For many of them, speaking out of turn is the difference between having a job and not. The CM Punk experiment doesn't always work out.

    BTW, this article captures the general apathy that most longtime fans feel in regards to Russo. I've read much more scathing pieces that you can categorize under 'bitter'. This one is pretty spot on.

  2. quite a bitter article. let him have his send off.

    i understand the wrestling communities dislike but as the wwe & most indies have shown there isnt better talent out there – unless the extremes of UWF or CZW take your fantasy.

    the wrestlers are as much to blame for the current malaise


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