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Vince McMahon RAW State Of The WWE Predictions and Preview

Vince McMahon Monday Night RAWThe Chairman of the Board is heading back to Monday Night RAW tonight. Vince McMahon is getting out of his CEO chair and returning to RAW tonight to deliver a State of the WWE address. Now exactly what Vinnie Mac will say is anyone’s guess, but I can certainly speculate.

It is no coincidence that Vince McMahon is returning to RAW only a week after RAW delivered its lowest ratings in fifteen years. If you follow these kinds of stories over the years, you probably would have expected Vince to be back the second you read the numbers. Vince is always his own best answer to falling ratings so this week’s appearance is hardly unexpected.

[adinserter block=”2″]What I like about Vince is that when he appears, something big always happens. His trademark strut to the ring always has a purpose. The last time we saw Vince on RAW he appointed AJ Lee WWE General Manager for example. I don’t expect anything less tonight. That is why I thought it would be fun to speculate as to exactly what kind of bomb shell Vince McMahon will be dropping when he grabs the microphone tonight.

RAW is going back to two hours

Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part and the part of thousands of disgruntled wrestling fans burnt out of a weekly three-hour show. Unfortunately it may not be that easy as there are commitments and contracts that need to be honored before this can happen. The USA Network have sold ads and are counting on RAW to start at 8 PM/EST. I suppose it wouldn’t take much for the USA Network to throw a repeat of one of its programs in the first hour, but I still think there needs to be more than a few days of planning for this transition to happen. I do think we will see the Genetic Jackhammer make that announcement at some point on RAW, I just don’t think it will be tonight.

The brand extension is officially over

This is another idea that is more wishful thinking than has a chance of being a reality. Let’s face it. The brand extension ended a long time ago. Heck, just this last week SmackDown had CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler in the main-event. We all know the deal but they’ll never say it. Once again, I think that there are too many commitments in place that would prevent this transition being made in less than a week. There are house shows booked, advertisements in place, and scheduling issues that would necessitate a lot of planning in order for this to happen. Since this announcement is a new idea, I’d be shocked if this was the bombshell.

He will be laid out by CM Punk and Paul Heyman

I’d say this one is a pretty good bet. I could see Vince coming out and having nothing of substance to say quite frankly. Once again, I don’t know what they could come up with in just a few days that would make any sense. The predictable scenario here would be Punk and Heyman confronting Vince and forcing him to call Punk the Best in the World. Vince of course refuses, gets laid out, and you wonder why in the world you would have expected more creative to come from this current crop of WWE writers.

A new RAW G.M. will be announced

I think this one has a better chance of happening than anything else speculated at this point. There is already a storyline in place regarding AJ being on some kind of probation. This one makes the most sense, especially since Vince made the same announcement several weeks ago. There have been rumors circulating for awhile now that AJ was just a placeholder before a big name takes the spot as RAW G.M. The logical candidate would be Ric Flair but one thing I have learned over the last few years is that these kinds of announcements generally live up to the billing. It is nice to speculate about Flair but it will probably be someone more like John Laurinaitis returning or even a Hornswoggle as opposed to a major name.

Presidential election appearances

[adinserter block=”1″]It wouldn’t be the first time and it probably won’t be the last. I could easily see the announcement tonight being nothing more than Vince promoting appearances by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on RAW. It would certainly be a coup, yet I don’t know if that would do a darn thing to help ratings on a week to week basis. In other words, it would be a big waste of Vince.

Quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see him just cut some kind of lengthy promo, joined by Punk and Cena, with nothing of relevance coming out of it. As I stated earlier, I like to keep my expectations low when it comes to WWE surprises. Regardless, it is always fun to see Vince back on television and for all I know we could have some big news coming out of tonight’s RAW.

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