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Excuse Me! Vickie Guerrero Is RAW General Manager For a night

Edge and Vickie GuerreroEdge announced on the May 10th edition of WWE Raw that the new, full-time, WWE Raw General Manager is going to be storyline ex-wife Vickie Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero would be the only one with the power to run the WWE machine. EXCUSE ME!

Originally I was filled with anger when Vickie Guerrero came out. Well, I was angry for a couple of reasons. For Monday’s Pro Wrestling Radio, I did mention in the chat room having Eric Gargiulo as guest host. Sorry Gargiulo, I guess you wouldn’t be doing that, even with WWE Raw being in your neck of the woods for Raw this past Monday night.

But putting all-jokes aside, I was angry because I wanted the permanent Raw General Manager to be one of my favorite wrestlers, John “Bradshaw” Layfield. Yes, I would be in love with JBL as the GM every Monday Night. The reason why I want JBL as the General Manager because he’s a heel that everyone wants to hate, unless you’re like me, and love the heels and hate the babyfaces.

My other reason is no more guest hosts. I couldn’t wait for the day that WWE Creative, or should I say, Vince McMahon, would end the guest host deal. There are very few hosts that I’ve enjoyed. Jesse “the Body” Ventura (He and McMahon doing play-by-play was awesome!), Ozzy Osborne (his facial expressions were amazing, along with mispronouncing Kofi Kington’s name), Bob Barker (his microphone, the Price is Raw, and his interaction with Chris Jericho), and Eric Gargiulo (our favorite host of Pro Wrestling Radio). Wait a moment here, Eric Gargiulo never guest hosted Raw. Darn. But going back to it, there are very few guest host that I enjoyed, as well as the “WWE Universe” has enjoyed.

But with Raw keep going on my television screen Monday night, WWE is still going to do guest hosts! I guess with what I mentioned earlier in the article for CCB.com, Eric Gargiulo could still be the guest host! Poor Gargiulo, you wouldn’t have any authority though, unless you do battle with Vickie for the rights of “EXCUSE ME!” That would make my night!

Now I may like the whole guest host gimmick, with them having no authority and them having a full-time General Manager there every week. I like that idea a lot better than what they were having is because I think Raw needs a permanent authority figure. Granted Vickie Guerrero could be too much, but if we can’t have John “Bradshaw” Layfield as General Manager, I guess Vickie would do. But could we have JBL do color-commentating with Michael Cole and Jerry “the King” Lawler (Gary “Stupid” Lawler, if people remember my previous blogs about him before)? Just think on how awesome that three-man team would be, Gary “Stupid” Lawler and John “Bradshaw” Layfield could argue and bicker back and forth on which superstar to support while Michael Cole calls the action in the ring. Simply having that as a thought is getting me excited!

Anyways, coming back from that tangent, I’m sort of happy seeing Vickie Guerrero on Raw, because I always enjoy seeing heel authority figures, especially hearing her voice angers the fans. As one of the ultimate heels, Vickie had this down to the “t.” Also, it looked like she lost a lot of weight! Good for her. Also, seven minutes into the second hour, she was texting. I wonder if people would either stop texting or more people would start texting. I want to text some of my friends who watch wrestling with me “EXCUSE ME!”

Before finishing this, I did text one of my buddies that. His response made me laugh. “What?!?!?!?!?” I responded with “She’s back! Every Monday Night as our General Manager.” I’m excited for having Vickie Guerrero on Raw every Monday Night as our General Manager. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time….

Editor’s Note: Vickie Guerrero resigned at the end of the night and is no longer the G.M.

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