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Kevin Kolb vs. Michael Vick? Debate From 2 Regular Philly Guys

Michael Vick was named the starter in Philadelphia over Kevin Kolb.Hello again friends and Philly Eagles faithful. We are all very aware by now of the QB controversy that surrounds the Philadelphia Eagles football team. We all know by now that the old vet trying to make his comeback and the youngster trying to make a name for himself at last has turned a city on its side. Friends, bar patrons, the guy next to you on the subway, the cab driver and on and on all have an opinion as to who should start, and why.

Luckily I have an outlet to display my opinion and use some facts as to why I, Jeff Porrini, also known to you faithful readers as “The Shark” feel that the Eagles have done the right thing by starting Michael Vick. I have invited fellow Philly football fan, and spare time journalist Charles “C.J.” Joynt to write his side of the story as he defends Kevin Kolb. Talk about a huge first task as he makes his debut here at CamelClutchBlog.com.

Remember the arguments or opinions we express here are not on a personal matter. I am not asking anyone to forgive Michael Vick of any of his past actions, nor do I find myself suddenly longing to find him off the field and be his friend. Our opinions are strictly brought to you with pure football interest at hand.

Why I think we “Stick with Vick”:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the well advertised “City Of Brotherly Love”, but also so very well known as “The toughest fans in sports”. We have embraced and have chased many a great star in our time. We have cheered and jeered legends such as Mike Schmidt, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, and even Santa Claus. We cheered as Michael Irvin lay helpless on the football field as he was to play his last down ever, here on our home turf. We loved/hated our last QB, Donovan McNabb, because the winning he did was good, but just not good enough. We always want more, and heck we know we deserve it. In a time where our beloved Phillies are making frequent playoff appearances, and our Flyers just completed an amazing run to the Stanley Cup Finals, we have now become a city spoiled, a city that does not want to rebuild, but retool and get a winning product on the field as quickly as possible.

Enter Michael Dwayne Vick, and the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles. By now we all know the debate. Why did head coach Andy Reid decide that Michael Vick was to be his starting QB and not the heir apparent, Kevin Kolb? Why did Reid go back on his word that Kolb was the man trained and bred to replace long time QB Donovan McNabb? How will the Eagles fare with Vick behind center instead of Kolb, well in my opinion, much better.

Let’s take a look at history here. We all remember Vick as the guy who would reek havoc on opponents back with the Atlanta Falcons. At any given time he could break a huge run or throw a big bomb and make the game change instantly. Yes the rust of his layoff looks to be well behind him, and we see that Vick again here in Philly. I know Andy Reid likes to call this a West-Coast offense, but we have all watched this team long enough to know better. This team has always worked better on improve plays. Randall Cunningham was a runner and his teams were playoff contenders, as was and were McNabb’s and now, perhaps Vicks. The type of WRs and skill position players we have here are more of track meet sprinters than hook pattern guys. A QB with good legs that can buy an extra second or 2 plays well into the talents of this offense.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am not selling this by saying “hey he beat the Lions, and almost beat the Packers”. I am however selling it has “hey this guy played in 3 pro-bowls, he was the first visiting QB to win a playoff game in historic Lambeau Field, he led a rather average looking Falcon team to the NFC title game”, that’s the guy I am talking about. A lot of Eagles fans wanted to praise Kolb last season after one win against a very poor Kansas City Chiefs team, and being slaughtered by the New Orleans Saints. We are talking about a former number 1 overall draft pick, and one of the best rounded athletes in the NFL today. How many times does a team land a QB with any such credentials that is still ripe at just 30 years old? I know his QB skills are not razor sharp, but his football skills are excellent. Also, before we truly knock him as a QB, he does have 75 career TD passes against 52 INTs, and over 12,000 yards, plus close to 4,100 rushing yards and 23 rush TDs, those my friends are numbers Kevin Kolb will likely never touch.

I am not here to bash Kolb, but rather to say the Eagles made the right choice here. Andy Reid, no matter who may have said otherwise, is making the choice to win and to win now. Not too many people truly want to see a rebuild, and no way are Eagles fans ready to tank seasons. Heck, for all we know the decision to start Vick could have come from the owner or upper management. It is after all, business first. Yes, we love it as sports, we love it as a game, but let’s face it, Jeffrey Lurie did not buy a PlayStation game, he bought an NFL franchise, and Mike Vick will put the butts in the seats.

So I ask you, Mr. Tailgater, Mr.Jersey Wearer, Mr Go to the bar for the game Guy, who do you want to see? Who do you feel makes the team better? I for one like the veteran, the pro-bowler, and the guy who has done it on the big stage. Yes I like him more then the kid who is from the same college that produced other high promised QB flops such as David Klingler and Andre Ware. You see, a Houston Cougar has never quite made the best NFL QB, and it just seems as if that is what we have in Kolb. Is he being short-changed? Perhaps, but do we owe him better? No. As fans who pay to watch or bleed for our team, we deserve the best possible players to be on that field. I know we all hate what Vick the person did, but he has served his time and now is here as Vick the player.

Only time will tell if the decision is a winner or not. The weeks will have to play out before we really know. However, going into this next game with Jacksonville, your Eagles are currently a 3 point favorite. Where would they be with Kolb at QB? Think this to yourselves: A big part of the world picked the Packers to go to the Super Bowl, and Vick had them on their heels. I am pretty sure that the NFC East picture gets just a little clearer now, and if this Eagles team can play some kind of defense, the offense is in a place to make things happen.

For me, The Kolb Era is not dead, but certainly is on hold.

– Jeff Porrini

Stick with Kevin Kolb

[adinserter block=”2″]Do you want to win Super Bowls or do you want to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars?

That, in essence, is the question you need to ask yourself when considering the current turn of events with the Philadelphia Eagles. For if you want Michael Vick to be the starter for this team, then you are one of the short sighted folks who must have instant gratification in order to live your life. If, on the other hand, you believe Kevin Kolb should be the starter, then you are among the people who understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, that all good things take time that a stitch in time saves nine, and whatever other battle-tested saying you can up.

Let me be clear, though. I have no delusions that starting Kevin Kolb means the Eagles are winning a Super Bowl this year, next year, the year after that, and so on. I really have no idea if Kolb can play at all. His skill set, or lack thereof, really is secondary in this argument. Kevin Kolb should be the starter for this team because that’s the plan Andy Reid put in motion four years ago when he drafted Kolb, and that’s the plan he should stick with.

All along, and especially since the Easter Sunday massacre of 2010 (otherwise known as the day Donovan McNabb was traded), Reid has been selling us the bill of goods that Kevin Kolb is ready to be the starter of the Eagles, that he has apprenticed long enough under McNabb, and that was the reason why Reid was comfortable with trading McNabb. OK, whether you believe him or not, it’s his judgment and his plan. Again, you don’t have to agree with it, but you have to accept the fact that Reid’s the guy in the position execute the plan, not you or me.

So basically from the time Kolb was drafted, right up until Tuesday afternoon when Reid said Vick would be the starter, the plan was moving along as…well, as planned. Kolb studied under McNabb, learned the offense, kept quiet and waited his turn, and got just that starting in 2010. Little did we know that the Kevin Kolb era would last a little less than one half of one football game.

So what happened? Why is Kolb not the starter anymore? What happened to the plan? Well, either Reid discovered in less than a half of football that Kolb couldn’t play (unlikely) or Reid is being leaned on by others in the organization insisting for some reason that Vick play. Which is it? I have no idea, and again, is really beside the point.

The main point is this: sticking with Kolb and the plan means that Reid is staying with his vision of building a Super Bowl winner. Before you scream that Kolb won’t win a Super Bowl, you have to at least acknowledge that we really just don’t know. I’m just saying that that’s the plan, at least. Sticking with Kolb means that Reid and the Eagles are taking the longview and seeing what the payoff down the road may be. Starting Vick means they want to be thrilled for a few plays each Sunday, because he definitely brings the WOW factor, and not thinking any further than the next play.

Which brings me back to the first question: Do you want to win Super Bowls, or do you want to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars? Ponder that question as you watch the Phillies- a team that held on to Chase Utley instead of trading him for Barry Zito a few years ago. Taking the long view can sometimes pay off with a parade later. Just sayin’.

– Charles “C.J.” Joynt

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