Cain Velasquez defeats Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 via TKO


The UFC 121 Lesnar vs. Velasquez result was no surprise to hardcore MMA fans. Cain Velasquez defeated Brock Lesnar to win the UFC heavyweight title at 4:12 in Round 1 via TKO. The win marks Velasquez’s seventh straight UFC win. First up for the new champion will be Junior dos Santos.

This fight went exactly as most fighters predicted. Brock came out immediately and charged Velasquez. Lesnar connected on several shots and took down Velasquez. Velasquez stayed calm, returned to his feet, and waited for an opening. Velasquez then started connecting on shots, dropped Lesnar, and won the fight via TKO at 4:12.

I wouldn’t call it a great fight, but I would call it one of the most exciting rounds in UFC history. This fight was very similar to Lesnar vs. Carwin. Lesnar was down absorbing a ton of punches from Velasquez. The only difference here is that you had a smarter fighter in Velasquez who picked his shots and didn’t tire out. Referee Herb Dean seemed hesitant to stop it and probably gave Brock more time than he deserved. All in all, Lesnar was dominated by the more skilled fighter.

Velasquez’s win over Brock Lesnar was one of the biggest achievements in all of sports this year. Brock Lesnar has been seen as an unstoppable machine. After his comeback at UFC 116 against Shane Carwin, Lesnar was thought to be unbeatable. Lesnar was a huge favorite among casual UFC fans, yet only a slight favorite in Vegas. Velasquez slaying the giant will go down as one of the most memorable moments in UFC history.

[adinserter block=”1″]Most fans called this the biggest UFC heavyweight title fight of all time prior to the event. I think that was a bit overboard. I never felt the same kind of buzz that Lesnar vs. Carwin had at UFC 116. Fans expected heavy hands and a knockout, which in turn created a tremendous buzz prior to fight time. Most fans expected a long, five-found, test of wills at UFC 121 which while competitive, doesn’t have the same kind of sizzle as an anticipated slugfest between giant heavyweights. Ironically fans got the early frenzied finish in this fight that they expected at UFC 116.

Cain Velasquez is no fluke. At 28 Cain Velasquez is only going to improve and could turn into the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Velasquez is arguably the most well rounded fighter of the entire heavyweight division. Velasquez can stand, he can go to the ground, he has the conditioning to go five round with anyone, he is faster at his weight than anyone in MMA, and has the knockout power to deliver the big punch in heavyweight title matches that fans hope to see.

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If there is one negative to Velasquez it is that he lacks the charisma that Brock Lesnar had as UFC heavyweight champion. It will be a struggle for UFC to get the consistent buys from heavyweight title matches that they got from Brock Lesnar. Over time Velasquez could turn into a showman, but he almost seems too humble to go out there and deliver the money making interviews that former champions like Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir offered.

[adinserter block=”2″]From a business perspective, Brock Lesnar losing may be the best short term business move for the UFC. Lesnar’s chase to regain the UFC heavyweight title has the potential to shatter records. The loss also opens up the doors for Lesnar vs. Mir 3. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir 2 was the biggest show in UFC history. The grudge between both fighters is real and together, these guys can deliver hype beyond anything ever seen in the UFC. Rematches with Randy Couture and Shane Carwin are also back on the plate as Lesnar will likely need two wins to get a rematch with Velasquez.

Junior dos Santos will be Cain Velasquez’s first challenger. While the names don’t scream blockbuster, this fight is more appealing than most people think. In my opinion, dos Santos is the only guy in the division that rivals the skill set of the new UFC heavyweight champion. While neither guy may be 265, chances are good that fans will be seeing a knockout that night. Give the UFC a few months to put together a video of knockouts from both fighters and I think fans will be eating this one up come fight time.

In the other featured fights, Jake Shields defeated Marvin Kampmann via split decision. The ex-Strikeforce champion put on a clinic dominating Kampmann on the ground for most of the fight. Tito Ortiz lost a unanimous decision to Matt Hammill. Ortiz looked good in the opening round but Hammill just seemed to be a step ahead of him throughout the fight. Diego Sanchez defeated Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision in the best match of the night. Sanchez looked awesome and dominated Thiago after a tough early going in Round 1.

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  1. I must admit that I thought Lesnar's boxing offense and defense appeared weak because he was fighting the monster, Carwin. Now I see his boxing defense is atrocious. He had a significant reach advantage over Velasquez yet Lesnar allowed him to close the gap unchallenged. (It seems as though he's actually inordinately afraid to get hit.) Maybe Lesnar's team will realize the glaring deficit and take action. I retrospect, it's amazing that Lesnar walked into the UFC and accomplished what he did; (what should he have known about MMA?). It will be interesting to see what happens in the HW division in the future.

    • You're right Wesley. I think Shane Carwin exposed Lesnar's terrible boxing skills. If you think about it, he connected on one shot against Herring. Who knows what happens if he doesn't? If not for connecting on that one shot to the temple on Randy Couture, he may have lost that fight also. I just think guys like Velasquez and dos Santos are too well rounded for Brock. But you are right. For him to get this far on such subpar striking is pretty damned impressive.

  2. wow never saw this coming, under dog takes out
    Brock. Brocks stand up always seemed confusing to me, like he was out of his zone on his feet. He seemed to do much better laying on top of people with his huge weight and body.

    • Absolutely Wayne. He was a bully with his size and rightfully so. But on his feet against someone with the speed of Velasquez he didn't stand much of a chance. Honestly, most of the UFC fighters interviewed during the week predicted Velasquez. I could lie and tell you I saw it coming but I didn't. I thought Brock's size would be too much for him. I was really surprised Brock opted to stand with Velasquez. I thought he would just try and bully him around and lay on top. Big mistake.


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