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Vegas Odds On Where Peyton Manning Will Play Next Season

Peyon ManningThe Peyton Manning soap opera has now hit Las Vegas. RJ Bell at is reporting on the latest Peyton Manning odds and there are some interesting numbers coming out of Vegas. If the oddsmakers are right, get your popcorn ready Miami!

RJ Bell does a great job of bringing football fans some of the more fun odds and prop bets you’ll find on the Internet. To be clear, I am not an affiliate nor do I make a dime off of RJ’s website. I am just a fan and if he happens to send out anything good, I do my best to bring it to you here on the CCB. That said, let’s take a look at these odds.

The oddsmakers are split on the two favorite prop bets here. According to these math hats, Peyton will either retire or bring his talents to Miami. Yep, retirement and the Miami Dolphins both lead the way with a 20% shot or betting $100 to win $250. The retirement I buy, but I am still not as sold on the Dolphins as some people are. I think Peyton wants a team with better weapons, more stability in the office, and a city with a lower profile.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is interesting to note that gives the Arizona Cardinals the best chance of grabbing Peyton. According to’s current odds, the Cardinals are +225 to land Manning. The New York Jets get +500 odds, making them the least likely team on’s list to land Manning. RJ’s odds have the Jets with an 11% chance to land Manning. Eric Gargiulo gives the Jets +1000 odds because I don’t think there is a prayer that he lands in New York…other than to visit his baby brother.

One of my dark horses, the Houston Texans have a 1% shot of landing Peyton according to RJ’s blog. I had the Texans as a long shot, but a team that could surprise people in landing Manning. I stand by that and if I were a betting man, I’d jump on those odds ($750 to win $1,000). The San Francisco 49ers are given a 2% shot according to Bell, which makes them another fantastic bet, as well as the Cardinals who are given a 3% shot ($100 to win $2,500).

So there you have it. You could visit his blog to read the entire list of odds or check out my predictions on Peyton’s next team. If you want to place some fun bets are in Vegas sometime in the next few weeks, this could be an interesting prop bet to make. I think Peyton either retires, stays with the Colts, or winds up on a surprise team. These stories rarely shake out the way the experts predict. That is what makes these kind of prop bets so much fun!

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