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Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Split After 12 Years Together, Here’s Why

Apparently, Tom didn’t “step up” as the husband.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have apparently called it quits and have split up. The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars were together for more than a decade. The former(?) couple had been fueling rumors about their breakup for weeks.

An insider source was in contact with the press and revealed that the two have supposedly split up but have not made it official yet. Here are more details about the supposed breakup:

Katie and Maloney

Katie, 35, and Tom, 39 were reportedly dating two years before the realty show by Bravo ‘Vanderpump Rules’ premiered in 2013 and they finally tied the knot in 2016. They had a romantic and flash ceremony but it was revealed years later that the two never filed their marriage documents officially with the court which means they were never legally married.

Then in 2019, Lisa Vanderpump pushed Katie and Tom to make it official so the two finally sealed the deal on paper with a small ceremony in Las Vegas. Their relationship of 12 years with all the highs and lows was shown on camera where Tom was also caught cheating on Katie during a trip in New York which was later revealed in the sixth season of Vanderpump Rules in 2018.

Tom reportedly apologized for his behavior but the fans insisted that Tom had toxic tendencies with his cheating move and current behavior with Katie and encouraged her to split with him. Tom and Katie don’t have any kids together reportedly.

Katie on Social Media

On March 10th, Katie shared a photo on her Instagram story where she was not wearing a wedding ring which led to the fans speculating that the two might be heading for a divorce. Many fans took to Reddit to discuss the picture of her left hand without the diamond ring.

Some claimed that the two have not actually split but are playing pretend as a promotion for the upcoming season for the Vanderpump Rules and trying to make a storyline to engage the fans. One fan added: “She was at TomTom with Schwartz over the weekend. They are together, just trying to make a storyline for season 10.”

What’s Really Going On?

Quite recently, a source told The Sun about the ongoing situation between the two. The source said: “Katie and Tom have split and gotten back together and split and gotten back together. They’re currently not together, no. She’s doing her own thing right now. They flip-flop. They’re still cordial and see each other and go to the same events because of their mutual friend group but they just focus on themselves.”

Both Katie and Tom are yet to officially reveal the news of their split to social media.



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