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Val Venis blasts Matt and Jeff Hardy in Online Video – Updated with Hardy response!

Val Venis does not like Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, or Hurricane Helms“Dirt sheet” writers aren’t the only people who don’t know pro wrestling. Sean Morley known as former WWE star Val Venis posted a video from his cell phone in which he unloads on Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Shane Helms. Let’s just say that the big Valbowski is no fan of the Hardy brothers.

What I love about this video is that you finally have someone other than the wrestling media standing up and pointing out the hypocrisy and lunacy known as Matt Hardy. Matt has waged war with the wrestling media or “dirt sheets” as he calls them as if it was 1988 since it was reported that Matt was sent home from the WWE England tour. Most inside of the pro wrestling world have stayed quiet, that was until Val Venis finally lost his mind and cut a promo on Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Shane Helms for the ages.

[adinserter block=”2″]In a video entitled, “Setting the Record Straight,” Val Venis shoots hard and offers a lot of unflattering opinions about the Omega threesome. The highlights include Val saying that the Hardys never paid their dues, the only reason the Hardys ever made it to the WWE was because “that old, broken down, has been, wannabe Michael Hayes” wanted to live his life through a younger team, Matt Hardy had zero talent “none whatsoever,” and they are gutless goofballs that know nothing about professional wrestling, “absolutely zero and I want to make that perfectly clear right now.” Those are just the highlights of the scathing 3:22 video.

I was under the impression that Sean Morley was under a WWE deal. It was reported back in October that Morley re-signed with the WWE as a producer. That would have been right after Matt stopped wrestling for the WWE. I haven’t heard otherwise but my guess is that after seeing this video that Morley is probably not working with the WWE at this time. I can’t imagine that a) he would have published such a controversial (although I love it) video, and more importantly b) he would rip apart a WWE V.P. publicly if he were under contract.

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[adinserter block=”1″]Sean Morley never says exactly what set him off. I suspect since he threw Shane Helms that it could be Shane Helms continued Twitter bashing of Shawn Michaels. It could also be Matt Hardy’s recent videos and tweets where he ripped anyone that criticized his match with Rob Van Dam. Quite possibly it could just be the months of obnoxious tweets and videos from Matt and Jeff Hardy that sent old Val over the edge. I don’t know what it is, but I love that someone with credibility who has been in the ring with all of them is saying it.

There may be some skeptics who accuse Morley of setting up some Internet angle with the Hardys. I interviewed Sean Morley for an RF Video Shoot Interview back in 2009. From my experience, the Sean Morley you see on camera here was the same Morley who was open and candid during the interview I conducted. I haven’t read any reports of Morley signing with TNA Wrestling. I would not be surprised to see TNA Wrestling try and capitalize off of this if this video goes viral. I certainly wouldn’t blame them.

In the meantime, keep them coming Val!

Check out Val Venis’s video channel at ValVenisENT.

UPDATE: Check out Matt Hardy’s response to Val and his rant. Looks like someone here is trying to work his own angle and this time it isn’t Matt Hardy.

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