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US Elections 2022: Here Are the Candidates for the Illinois U.S. Senate Seat

There are about to be a lot of contestants from the Republican side.

One of the senate seats from Illinois is being contested as a part of the second election cycle for the United States Senate election. The election in Illinois will be held on November 8, 2022, to elect a member of the United States Senate who will represent the state of Illinois.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have declared their candidates who will be running for the Illinois senator seat. As for the Democrats, Senator Tammy Duckworth will be running for her second term in the office after she won in the 2016 election and she is the only candidate this time from the party.

Meanwhile, the Republican side is crowded with as many as 7 candidates running for the seat and their names are currently on the GOP ballot. The candidates have already started taking their stances on certain topics that have sparked debates on a national level in the past.

Here are the candidates and their stances ahead of the elections in November:

Democratic Party

Sen. Tammy Duckworth

Tammy is a retired Army National Guard Lieutenant and has been serving as the Junior US Senator from Illinois since the year 2017. Her campaign has shown her focusing on eliminating bureaucratic and systematic problems again this time, which she claims are a big impact on the veterans and their families.

Republican Party

Kathy Salvi

Salvi has been a licensed attorney for more than three decades. Her primary notion is the opposition to abortion. She also supports the idea of building a wall along the southern border part where the country meets Mexico to stop illegal immigration from happening.

Peggy Hubbard

Peggy is a navy veteran, a former police officer, and a former IRD agent from St. Loius. Her campaign site suggests that she plans to reduce the size of the government, invest in border security, and much-needed reform in the immigration process.

Casey Chlebek

Casey is a Polish immigrant and a real estate manager from Lake Forest. Casey says that he is working and running to curb the spending of the government and taxes. He also plans to encourage parents to choose private schools for their children and reform the immigration laws of the country.

Anthony Williams

Anthony is a Pastor from Chicago and is one of the very few Republicans who believe that Joe Biden was legitimately elected. His main reason for running is to achieve his goal of reducing violent crime after his son was involved in a fatal shooting in 2018.

Bobby Piton

Bobby is a financial planner from Geneva whose sole focus during his campaign was to root out corruption from the state government. He often insists on claiming that the 2020 elections were a fraud. He also pledged to abolish the Department of Education.

Jimmy Tillman II

Jimmy is the son of Dorothy Tillman and an avid supporter of Trump. He has criticized Joe Biden’s policies on multiple occasions and often calls him out for his policies on border security and their response to the COVID situation. He plans to follow Trump’s notion of “America First”.

Matt Dubiel

Matt is an entrepreneur from Naperville and also a college dropout. He is also the supporter of the “America First” notion in which he plans to increase investment in law enforcement, better border security, and provide more medical freedom to the residents.

The primary election day is scheduled for 28 June however; early voting has already begun in many parts of the state.



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