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Unusual First-Round for the Philadelphia Eagles

In a predictable move, the Philadelphia Eagles traded their first-round NFL draft pick. However, unlike most years the Eagles actually traded up! Did they trade up for a running back or a tight end? Nope, they traded up for wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Would I be a hypocrite to complain?

Like most Eagles fans, I have been beating the drum for a wide receiver since T.O. left. I loved the DeSean Jackson pick last year. I just don’t think this was the year to take a receiver with the skills of Maclin that high. The Eagles are in desperate need of both a running back and tight end. Great players at both positions were available at the time. I think the Eagles blew an opportunity at a great player by rolling the dice on a good player.

I could be wrong about Maclin, and as an Eagles fan I hope that I am. I am just not blown away by Maclin. If the Eagles needed a receiver that bad, why not trade up to 10 for Michael Crabtree? Percy Harvin would have been a given if not for that failed drug test. Hakeen Nicks may be the steal here going 29 to the Giants. Seeing Donald Brown fall to 27 is almost like salt on the wounds right now.

The Jets continued their trend of blowing first-round draft picks. The Jets traded up to the fifth spot and took quarterback Mark Sanchez. I think Sanchez is one of the most overrated quarterbacks to enter the NFL since Tim Couch. I don’t disagree about the need, just the player. Sanchez barely won the starting job at USC last year! He is not that good and won’t have the time to properly develop in New York.

It should be noted that the last time the Eagles took a wide receiver in the first-round was in 2001. You may remember a guy by the name of Freddie Mitchell? How did that work out for Andy Reid?

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