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Undraft the Draft McMahon!

Vince McMahonI’ve been watching wrestling since I’ve came out of my Mother’s womb in ’88 weeks before the WWF Heavyweight Championship tournament at Trump Plaza at WrestleMania IV, so I’ve been watching the industry grow for over two decades, and I’ve seen a lot come, a lot go, and seen a lot of changes.

I’ve seen the trial that McMahon was in back in ’93, I’ve seen Hogan sign with WCW, I’ve seen the Heartbreak Kid enter number one in 1995 and win the Royal Rumble, the New World Order in 1996ish, the Monday Night War, Extreme Championship Wrestling making a rise, WCW and ECW being owned by Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and the split of the Raw, Smackdown, and ECW brands in the WWE. In all of that, the least I’ve enjoyed is the brand extension, or also known as the “Draft.”

In theory the “WWE draft” was a good idea. Philosophically speaking and philosophically thinking, if done correctly, it could have been pulled off. How so? By changing everything up. No “draft trades,” to begin with. Yes, it was cool for the first eight to twelve weeks after the draft to see how the new superstars would be places on the new show, but after that, no one cared. Here’s what I think the “draft” would have worked.

[adinserter block=”2″]I believe if McMahon and his writers would of kept all superstars from all three shows away from one another, meaning only bringing them together on the “Big Four” pay-per-views, I do believe that people would of believed more that they are “their own shows.” I think that McMahon dumped everything on its head when he stared to let guys appear on both (or now, all three) shows.

To end the WWE Draft now would help out the company. You may be asking yourself, “In what ways is this guy thinking? Who does this Eric Darsie think he is?” To answer the latter question first, I’ve been a fan of this sport, like said, since late 1988. I feel like I have the right to answer questions for watching this sport grow to what it was 21 years ago to what it is today. To answer the first question, the ways I am thinking is bringing the shows together as one, eliminate ECW on Tuesday nights, make Raw three hours long, showcase the mid-carders and openers on Superstars, and bring everyone together on Smackdown.

How would I believe this would be better than what is around today? More competition for all the superstars. We wouldn’t need two women’s champions running around. We wouldn’t need two mid-card champions running around. We could reduce the three World titles down to two, keeping the WWE and the World Heavyweight, and trying to put one better than the other, but keeping them different for the matches and the competitors who challenge for them.

[adinserter block=”1″]I do personally think this would work. Thinking it out philosophically, I cannot currently see any flaws with this argument that I just presented. I am open to other people writing articles and such giving their rebuttals to my argument and give their reasoning for their beliefs. But please McMahon, undraft the draft. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, goodbye!

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