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The End Of The Undertaker WrestleMania Streak Was Best For WWE Business

If your jaw did not drop at the conclusion of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar match than you were either not paying attention or flat out lying. In the most shocking conclusion in WrestleMania history, the Beast Brock Lesnar ended the greatest streak in Sports history, not just Sports Entertainment at 21-1. The former WWE and UFC Champion made history and his name will be cemented in WWE folklore as the man who laid to rest the Undertaker at WrestleMania. The decision for the WWE to end the streak and thus effectively send off the Undertaker in the sunset was truly what was best for business and to say otherwise is just plain silly. Let me explain why….

The Streak should never end

[adinserter block=”1″]For many years we have heard fans, insiders and many within the Sports Entertainment business voice that the Undertakers WrestleMania streak should never be broken. The streak has been labeled as many things including sacred, untouchable, legendary and bigger than the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. For many years the label was exactly on the dot as the Streak has been consistently been the aforementioned match each and every year coming out of WrestleMania, not the title match. The point of WrestleMania is for all the yearly storylines to reach their climax at the biggest stage of them all, with the road to WrestleMania and ultimately the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the forefront of it all. If the streak never ends, how is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship highlighted as it’s supposed to be? What is the point of having the Royal Rumble winner survive 29 other men to capture and earn the main event spot of WrestleMania? What is the point of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship being up for grabs in the Elimination Chamber two months before WrestleMania to defend the title against the Royal Rumble winner? For the integrity of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and WrestleMania the streak needed to end for the benefit of the WWE AND the Undertaker.

When your time is up you do the right thing

It was made apparent that the Undertakers career is winding down and that this may have been the final match of a legendary and Hall of Fame career. With that being said the traditional and right thing to do is to bow out gracefully and pass the torch or put over whomever the WWE sees fit, whether you agree with it or not. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and just about every respected name in the business has done what was best for business and passed on the torch with the exception of Bret Hart, whom was selfish, egotistical and felt he was bigger than the business, which justified Vince McMahon screwing him to keep the integrity of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but that’s for another blog….

The Undertaker just turned 49 years old and was limited to one match a year at every WrestleMania for the past several years retiring Shawn Michaels, defeating Triple H twice and defeating CM Punk. If he knew his clock was ticking than he had no other choice than to end the streak and put over a big name and a young name that still has plenty left in the tank. Brock Lesnar was the chosen one and was the right man to end the infamous streak. I’ll explain why….

Use the streak to build up another star

In theory it sounds like a sound business idea and passes the torch to a deserving individual within WWE. In reality though who is really deserving of a rub of that level? A man who hasn’t won a World Championship? Someone from NXT? The only option is that someone already established should have that honor bestowed to them. In that scenario then who is the man you choose to beat the Streak? The Undertaker at 49 is still perceived to be the better man against CM Punk, Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista and so on. Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Champion, WWE Champion and a legitimate badass at the still young age of 36.

Before the match I was having a conversation with my party guests that realistically Lesnar would beat the Undertaker in no more than three minutes, but the streak has suspended our beliefs so much that we continue to buy in to the fact that so many men before Lesnar would have legitimately beat the Undertaker and failed in the Sports Entertainment setting of WrestleMania. That combined with the lackluster efforts of the WWE Creative team to creep doubt in the mind of the streak ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar, made the three count after the third F5 so unbelievably shocking. It was getting to the point that the streak was actually getting dare I say it: tired and boring. During the match the crowd looked tired, bored and uninterested in a slow paced match with a senior citizen hall of famer and the former UFC and WWE Champion going at half-speed for the sake of the Undertaker. When the most memorable part of the streak ending is the surprising three count out of nowhere and not the match itself, you know WWE did the right thing for business.

The ending of the streak will negatively affect interest in future WrestleMania’s.

[adinserter block=”2″]WrestleMania will never and I mean never suffer any shortage of interest and fanfare from fans of all generations, athletes, celebrities, media outlets and sponsors. The streak will never be forgotten in the minds of fans who have witnessed 22 memorable matches from the Dead Man. The WWE will continue to honor the streak on a yearly basis in every facet of WrestleMania history, promotion and show in some fashion. WrestleMania will continue to draw bigger crowds each year in bigger and better venues around the nation and potentially worldwide someday.

Enjoy the memories of the legend that was the streak and the man who helped make the streak the biggest story in Sports Entertainment and Sports history, the future first ballot Hall of Famer The Undertaker. Give him a much deserved applause. Bravo Mark Calloway, may the streak rest in peace but the legend of The Undertaker live on in the minds of fans and the WWE Universe forever.

Roberto Padilla is a Radio Talk Show Host in Denver, Colorado. He is originally from Springfield, Virginia and has been in Denver since he was moved as a young child during the Redskins Super Bowl XXII season, one that saw the Redskins defeat the Denver Broncos 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII. You can follow Roberto on Twitter @The1RealRoberto or send questions and feedback to

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  1. I wasn’t sick of seeing UT wrestle once or twice a year. It builds a mystique. Lesnar doesn’t respect the business enough to have UT drop the streak to him. He comes and goes, wants more money, doesn’t perform well. UT should have dropped it to another active icon, like Sting. Or the win should have been tarnished to be controversial. Putting Lesnar over cleanly struck most fans like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize—he didn’t deserve it.

  2. Lesner would pretty much disappear now smh so disappointed the way they choose to end it like it never mattered or it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be are u kidding me? Was hoping sting would have ended it or someone who has put in work in the wwe for a decade or more that truly deserved it **sigh**

    I can see it now when Vince or hunter are being interviewed because there is gonna be a lot of disappointed fans who will want an answer as to why it ended so horribly and they will answer the fans with well people seem to forget this is the entertainment business just like they said about the Montreal screw job smh…,,,,

  3. It was best for the streak to end as i think people was sick and tired of Undertaker only wrestling once or twice a year . The best man to end it was Brock Lesner

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