Undertaker Out, Rey Mysterio In At WWE Fatal 4-Way


The UndertakerTwo weeks after Randy Orton suffered an injury, the Undertaker has now also succumbed to the injury bug. A freak set of injuries will sideline the Undertaker until SummerSlam. Rey Mysterio will step in for the injured Undertaker and compete in the SmackDown Fatal 4-Way main-event.

Last week in a match taped for WWE SmackDown, the Undertaker suffered several injuries in a match with Rey Mysterio. The Undertaker was 50/50 following the match for the WWE Fatal 4-Way show. The WWE instead decided to jump the gun and officially put the Undertaker on the fence until SummerSlam.

[adinserter block=”1″]Plans were put into motion at this week’s SmackDown tapings to put the final plan in motion. Rey Mysterio won a Battle Royal that will air this week on SmackDown to take the Undertaker’s spot. The Fatal 4-Way match will now pit Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger vs. the Big Show for the WWE world heavyweight title. An angle was also done at the tapings that looks like Kane will seek retribution for his brother and feud with Rey Mysterio at some point. My guess is that when the Undertaker returns, Kane will be his first opponent at SummerSlam.

The change only adds to the difficulty that the WWE has had in the last few weeks in keeping their stars healthy. Randy Orton was injured two weeks ago and is still not a lock for the WWE championship Fatal 4-Way match. The angle on WWE RAW with Evan Bourne was likely done in case Randy Orton can’t go. It can be challenging for the WWE creative team to have to change a main-event last minute. I can’t imagine having to change two main-events with only a few weeks to go.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ironically the changes would greatly improve the Fatal 4-Way matches. The addition of someone young and fresh like Evan Bourne would really give a nice boost to a match that is featuring the usual suspects. As much as I still enjoy the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio unquestionably raises the level of action in the WWE world heavyweight championship Fatal 4-Way match.

Now if only the Big Show could trip over a banana peel.

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  1. Undertaker, I'am a very long time your biggest FAN. My granddaugheter is in love with

    you ( she is onlly 12 y. o.) ever since the big hug she got from you. We both thankyou to accept to take picture with us when you were in San Diego's last appearance with the WWE SmackDown Show. Your Picture is posted on her bedroom

    wall ! She is crying at this moment and Prying for your recovery! You are her Hero and

    mine too ! We love you! God be with you and your brother Kane also!

  2. I'm a long time biggest fan of the Undertaker. Last week, the legendary the Undertaker has returned and won the last qualified round at the Fatal-4 way match against Rey Mysterio. I'm so happy that he won, but Unfortunately the Undertaker has been injured again by Rey Mysterio. I was shocked to what happens and I was almost in tears to let his fans down and I hope he will recover very soon. I wish him all the best and be strong. Good luck Undertaker!!!! You are my hero. Your brother will find out who did this to you. I know it's just a match and you are a soul suvivior.

  3. Yeah, I've been coming here for months and never been a problem, but maybe I'm just bummed he wasn't getting replaced by Christian like I had hoped. 🙂 Another month or two of this Vickie Guerrero feud I guess…

  4. Love the site Eric, but would have been nice to make a piece like this a little more ambiguous in the headline and with a spoiler warning for clickers, or just saved it until after Smackdown. I know I don't speak for everyone, but I try to avoid Smackdown spoilers so I can watch it and enjoy the surprises and swerves. Not a huge deal, just something to think about in the future.

    • Thanks for the kind words Tim. Actually it was something I considered before writing the article. I try to avoid giving away spoilers, but the news was all over the place so I figured why not. I'll have to keep that in mind in the future.


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