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Uncle Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger Respond To Glenn Beck

[adinserter block=”1″]Even a DUI arrest can’t keep Jack Swagger off of You Tube. Swagger joined his Uncle Zeb Coulter to post an incredibly bizarre video responding to Glenn Beck. The big take away here. The WWE sure are a sensitive bunch.

If the WWE wanted publicity for their Tea Party gimmick they sure are getting it. Unfortunately it isn’t the kind of publicity they were hoping for. Conservative talk show Glenn Beck is not a fan of Uncle Zeb, Jack Swagger, or the WWE. Beck made his comments known on a recent radio show.

“I can take it from a lot of people. I can’t take it from the stupid wrestling people,” Beck said on his show. Beck at the same time gave those same WWE fans more credit, “You’re making a villain out of what? Probably 80% of your audience who’s tired as it is of being miscast? They’re tired of this.”

That did not sit well with Vince McMahon and the WWE. The WWE immediately issued a press release inviting Glenn on their program. The WWE took offense with Glenn’s comments about wrestling fans being stupid. Okay I can completely understand the WWE trying to piggyback off of this and get some publicity but their next strike was just outright bizarre.

Uncle Zeb and Jack Swagger posted a video on You Tube. The majority of the video features the two defending the WWE and pro wrestling fans. Yes, the same two guys who are supposed to be dastardly heels are defending their company and its audience. To me the whole thing came off as a company being way too sensitive about the stupid remark to the point where they have two of their biggest heels on You Tube breaking character to make a point.

[adinserter block=”2″]The other biggest takeaway I have from this is that Jack Swagger probably isn’t going anywhere. Swagger was arrested for DUI and pot earlier in the week. Most speculated that Swagger would be written off television and out of WrestleMania. Yet the WWE went right back to business as usual with Swagger and had him cut this video after the arrest. If the plan was to take Swagger out of the storyline, I doubt they’d rush to get him into the headlines. It just wouldn’t make much sense.

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  1. WWE are completely missing the point. Glenn Beck doesn't believe wrestling is real so what they are saying is completely irrelevant and undermining to their audience i.e.not Glenn Beck. LMAO @ how Jack Swagger is so limited that himself and Jake Hager are both exactly the same person, only capable of grunting a couple of words.

  2. I find it amazing that Zeb Colter doesn't even know how to pronounce his own surname. It's Keown (Key-Own) not Cowan (Cow-In). They are two completely different surnames.

  3. Hey, if Randy Orton can get away with it (Although he didn't get a title shot in months after his latest adventure with pot), why can't Jacky Boy? I will say that having Jack and Uncle Zeb step out of character to address Glenn Beck was beyond weird. I also can't believe (According to dirt sheets) that Stephanie was banking on Glenn accepting the invitation to RAW.


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