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Uncharted Digital and 4K Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed with Bonus Content

Nathan Drake is coming back! And this time in 4K.

After struggling for almost 15 years, Uncharted finally hit the theatres but ended up receiving poor reviews from critics because of its lackluster story, poor script, and bad casting. The movie was basically led by Tom Holland throughout and his performance was liked by critics too.

But watchers and fans on the other hand really loved the movie and the movie ended up being a Box Office hit while grossing over $357 million and counting. Tom Holland saw continuous success at the box office with Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted.

Now it’s time to see how the movie will perform in the home theatres as Sony finally revealed the movie will be hitting the digital platform next month including a digital release as well as a 4K Blu-Ray release.

Digital and 4K Release

Sony Pictures has announced that Uncharted will be released on Digital and Blu-Ray. The announcement also claims that these releases will contain special bonus content including some deleted scenes as well as some extended scenes that were not in the movie. There will also be some scenes during the filming of the movie as well as some behind the scenes.

It has been just a month since Uncharted hit the theatres and Sony has already announced a digital release that is scheduled for the 26th of April which will then be followed by a 4K Ultra-HD, DVD, and Blu-ray release on May 10th.

All these releases will contain the following bonus contents:


  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Behind the Scenes Featurettes
  • Becoming Nathan Drake
  • Big Action Breakdown: C-17 Globemaster
  • Charting the Course: On Set with Ruben Fleischer
  • Never a Dull Moment: Stunts & Action
  • The Buddy System
  • Villains, Backstabbers & Accomplices
  • Commentary with Director Ruben Fleischer


  • The Buddy System

Here are the specifications for the digital, 4K, DVD, and Blu-ray releases:

  • DVD: 39:1 Anamorphic Widescreen | Audio: English, French, Spanish, English Audio Description 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • 4K Ultra HD:2160p Ultra High Definition 2.39:1 | Audio: English Dolby Atmos / French 5.1 DTS-HD MA, Spanish, English Audio Description 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • Blu-ray: 1080p High Definition 2.39:1 | Audio: English, French 5.1 DTS-HD MA, Spanish, English – Audio Description Track 5.1 Dolby Digital

What’s Ahead?

Well, the cast of Uncharted are already showing interest in a sequel and are excited to renew their appearances and roles. Sony itself has already labeled the movie as a new franchise and has many plans for the movie as well as Tom Holland in the future.

Although the digital and 4K releases are not as crucial when securing the future of Uncharted, they will still help strengthen the foundation of the franchise.



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