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Ultimate Warrior Talks Breaking Into WWE and Vince McMahon

There are two things I thought I’d never see in 2013 in the WWE. I never thought I’d see Bruno Sammartino in the Hall of Fame and I certainly never thought I’d see the Ultimate Warrior on praising Vince McMahon. I was wrong.

The Ultimate Warrior is back and while he is only signed as part of the WWE 2K14 promotion at the moment it would appear that he is moving back towards the WWE family. has posted a new interview with the Warrior which is surprising for two reasons. One, he praises Vince McMahon and two he is actually pretty coherent in doing so.

[adinserter block=”1″]The interview is actually a really good interview, somewhat of a mini shoot interview in a way with the former WWE champion. Warrior talks about how he got into the WWE and what it was like to make the transition. Warrior talks about working on the road for awhile before he was on television. It’s funny because I remember talking to my old friend the late Doug Gentry when we were teenagers after he attended a WWE house show in Wildwood, NJ. Doug talked about Warrior being on the undercard and while we both knew of him from magazines, UWF, and WCCW, we didn’t even know he was in the WWF at the time. The two of us were surprised that he was working house shows with no television yet that was the plan and according to the Warrior it worked.

Warrior has some nice words to see about Vince McMahon. Warrior says he has a lot of respect for Vince which is just odd when you read and listen to all of the things Warrior has said about his former boss over the last decade or so. Vince recently welcomed back the Warrior on Twitter so it would appear that both sides are extending olive branches which will probably wind up with Warrior going into the Hall of Fame.

Regardless it’s a cool interview and fascinating on so many levels to see Warrior on or the WWE YouTube channel. Check it out.

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