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Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts and Other WWE Hall of Fame Thoughts

I am happy the WWE is inducting Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame this year the night before WrestleMania XXX. After years of controversy involving the former WWE Champion and superstar, the move is much deserved.

[adinserter block=”1″]Voting for the Hall of Fame is no different than any other sport or business – with each possible contender coming up for election and someone or a faction pleading their case for their “guy or gal.” The bidding reminds me of how the old NWA would lobby with its nine-member board, to determine a new world champion. According to stories told by Ric Flair in “To Be The Man” there were some gruesome arguments at times.

Does Chyna get shunned by the WWE voters and Degeneration X get in? How about Honkytonk Man and his reign as Intercontinental Champion?

Where does Triple H figure in all of this and what about the tag teams – does Demolition get the nog this year? And most of all, now that Trish Stratus is in the Hall, is Lita next and what does the WWE do with Sable?

With the beginning of the announcements by the company of who will and for that matter who won’t be inducted this year into the hallowed hall, here are some thoughts on who I think should be inducted. The company destroyed any credibility with its selection process when it immediately bumped Edge in front of every other deserving WWE superstar for his induction.

Randy Savage

Randy Savage passed away the same year, and based on what he meant to the business and the career of many WWE performers, he was most deserving. I know there is controversy surrounding the selection process and there are personal family reasons why Savage has yet to be placed among the greats – but come on man, something must be done soon.

Jake Roberts

Did we see a sneak peek at one of the newest members when Old School Raw brought back Jake “The Snake” Roberts? I sure hope so. Roberts deserves to be in the Hall. He was a tireless worker in professional wrestling long before he came to Vince McMahon’s circus. His ability to take over matches, paint a picture in the ring and give cryptic dialogues in interviews made him a master of deception. And his personal triumphs over his demons make him a well deserving member.


Diamond Dallas Page has openly said he wants to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. As a performer, manager, and all around wrestling “guy,” there are few who started the way he did in this business with the AWA and worked his way to superstar status. Personally, I think his achievements out of the ring, working with Scott Hall and Jake Roberts are more commendable than those in the ring.


Why aren’t these guys in the Hall already? There is something about them, the style, the LOD knockoffs and the brutality they displayed in the ring. Add Mr. Fuji to the mix and you had one dynamic combination. Unfortunately, this is a team that may have to wait one more year because the WWE will probably put DX and the New Age Outlaws in the Hall before a team that set the stage for those two teams.

[adinserter block=”2″]Of course, there will be plenty of talk and discussion to have for the next three months. The hall of Fame always sparks controversy. But based on who the WWE is bringing back, who is coming and going, it is a safe bet we will examine this subject again in the near future.

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