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Ukraine War: Zelensky Criticizes Nato for Refusing No-fly Zone

Two weeks into the war between Ukraine and Russia and signs of de-escalation are still not visible. While the two countries and the whole European Union are tensed by Zelensky’s warning of a nuclear attack, there is someone who is still playing from the backfield i.e. NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization popularly known as NATO has been the crucial part of the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Even though NATO is clearly supporting Ukraine and is against Russia, a vital demand of Ukraine has been rejected by the organization. NATO has refused to impose a no-fly zone on Russia, claiming that it could lead to a direct confrontation with Moscow. Consequently, in a furious address, Ukraine’s president slammed Nato leaders for refusing to enforce a no-fly zone surrounding the nation.

Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking from Kyiv, said the West’s unwillingness to help has given Russia the “green light” to continue attacking cities and villages. Mr. Zelensky, on the other hand, argues that taking direct action may “provoke Russia’s direct war against NATO.” He claimed the debate reflected the “self-hypnosis of people who are weak, under-confident within.”

He further alleged that ” The Western doubts showed that “not everyone believes the war for freedom to be Europe’s number one priority,” in a scathing response. All of the individuals who will die starting today will die as a result of your actions. Because of your inconsistency, because of your weakness, “Mr. Zelensky, enraged, said.

However, the concerns of NATO over a no-fly zone seem to be logical and valid. If a no-fly zone will be imposed on Russia, a full-fledged war can take place. Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO further explained their concern stating that imposing a no-fly zone might “involve many more nations and result in far more human misery.”

This is because the sole method through which a no-fly zone can be imposed on Russia is through NATO fighter jets. NATO fighter jets must be sent into Ukrainian airspace and then shoot down Russian planes,” Stoltenberg stated following the emergency meeting. But this again created a direct involvement of NATO in the war which is nowhere sensible as an intergovernmental organization to do.

Not only NATO but the US too shares the same point of view. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the BBC that Ukraine can win its fight with Russia without a no-fly zone. “I can’t say how long,” said America’s top diplomat. “I can’t say how long. But the fact that Russia can enslave 45 million people fighting for their future and independence without enslaving Ukraine says a lot.”

Through this statement Blinken hinted towards the power of Ukraine and that a no-f;y zone is not necessary. Moscow’s soldiers continue to heavily shell various cities on the ninth day of their invasion. The mayor of Mariupol claimed inhabitants are under a “blockade” following days of “ruthless” Russian bombardment that saw power and water cut off to the city’s 450,00 residents.



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