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UFC Undisputed 3 Pre-order Bonus Fighters & Offers

Nick DiazIt pays to pre-order video games these days, even if they aren’t going to be released until next year. Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 now through the release date and you can have your choice at everything to extra fighters to several bonus packs.

These days, I think it is pretty silly not to pre-order a video game you know you are going to buy. There are always incentives, some which you will never get once the game is actually released. THQ is hoping to rebound from a disappointing UFC Undisputed 2010 with several rewards for eager game owners that will make the game that much better once it leaves the box. So as Mike Goldberg would say, “Here we go!”

For the second edition in a row, GameStop will once again offer bonus fighters with UFC Undisputed 3 pre orders. GameStop has definitely stepped up their game from last time, which offered four fighters from The Ultimate Fighter 10. Forget about the TUF graduates, this time GameStop will be offering up the coaches and more.

[adinserter block=”2″]Buyers will receive “The Contender Fighters Pack” featuring four exclusive fighters. The biggest name in the pack is Nick Diaz. While it is exciting to see Diaz offered with pre-orders here, it is a bit disappointing you can’t get him out of the box with everyone else. Here is what THQ said about the pack.

Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at GameStop in the United States or EB Games in Canada will have access to the Contenders Fighter Pack featuring prominent UFC newcomers Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Brian Stann, Phil Davis and Nick Diaz. Miller is currently scheduled to coach opposite fellow middleweight Michael Bisping in The Ultimate Fighter Season 14, premiering Wednesday, September 21 on SPIKE TV, while Stann, a former WEC light heavyweight champion and decorated captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, will face Chael Sonnen in a middleweight division matchup at UFC 136 on October 8 in Houston, Texas. Davis is a former NCAA Division I All-American wrestling champion at Penn State University who boasts a promising 5-0 record in his young UFC light heavyweight career, while Diaz, a former Strikeforce, WEC and IFC Welterweight Champion, will take on BJ Penn in his UFC debut at UFC 137 on October 29 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from for PS 3

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from for Xbox 360

If you’re more into the Create-A-Fighter mode than you may want to check out’s Ultimate Knockout Artist Pack. In short, you can immediately boost an Undisputed 3 CAF immediately without going through the hours of training. There was a cheat in the first UFC Undisputed game that allowed this, which was great if you wanted to create say Fedor Emelianenko and use him immediately against the UFC elite rather than take him into the gym in the last edition and boost him up the hard way. Here is how THQ describes the pack.

Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at Amazon in the United States or FutureShop in Canada will have access to the Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack, enabling the player to build his or her own specially created knockout artist using instant upgrade tips from UFC Undisputed 3game designers. This boost to a player’s Create-a-Fighter will save an estimated 8-10 hours of gameplay time that would traditionally be spent training the ideal knockout artist.

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from is offering up the Ultimate Fights: Knockout Pack to the early birds who order through them. In short, players will get five additional fights to recreate, all which ended by memorable knockout. For me, I’d much rather have the bonus fighters or boost pack for CAFs but if you like the Ultimate Fights mode this will probably be more your cup of tea. Here is what THQ says about the pack.

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Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3on in the United States or Canada will have access to the Ultimate Fights: Knockout Pack featuring five of the most memorable knockouts in UFC history. The Ultimate Fights Knockouts Pack will serve as a complement to the game’s Ultimate Fights Mode, a challenge-based system that encourages players to recreate famous UFC fights in order to unlock authentic fight montages, behind the scenes footage and fighter interviews.

Walmart is also offering a $10 eGift card with pre-orders.

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from for Xbox 360

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 from for PS 3

Best Buy has jumped into the fight game with its own pre-order bonus. Best Buy is the only one I see here who is offering multiple incentives in its bonus, which definitely makes this one worth thinking about. Gamers will get what is called an Early Access Pass with all Best Buy pre-orders. Once again, if creating fighters is your thing than this may be something of interest of you. In short, the code will automatically unlock in-game extras for CAF fighters, saving you the time of earning them the old fashioned way. Owners will also get bonus fights in the Ultimate Fights Mode. Here is how THQ describes the bonus. Finally, one bonus fighter will also come with the pack.

Consumers who pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 at Best Buy in the United States or Canada will have early access to a variety of content without spending hours to complete multiple game modes. Players will automatically unlock 150 in-game items for created fighters, including t-shirts, hoodies and caps, as well as a variety of unique nicknames like “The Prince of Pain,” “Wild Thing” and “The Bone Collector.” In addition, they will have access to new bouts in Ultimate Fights Mode, including Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez (UFC 121), Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin (UFC 115) and Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC 101), as well as a “Legendary Chuck Liddell” playable fighter.

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 – PlayStation 3

Pre-order UFC Undisputed 3 – Xbox 360

[adinserter block=”1″]So there you have it. It is nice to see THQ offering a variety of bonuses to reward players who enjoy one particular aspect of the game over another. The only problem I have with this is that I think THQ is holding back a little too much content from the game as a reward for the early birds. The idea that gamers will have to wait until April to access Nick Diaz in the game is pretty ridiculous. The same goes with the extra Ultimate Fights. I could see offering the legendary fighters like old school Chuck Liddell or Royce Gracie as bonuses, but this is a little unfair to the mass public who will be spending the same $60 on January 4 and beyond as the customers who order early.

However, don’t worry too much about choosing one over the other if more than one of these packs interests you. All of these bonus packs will be up on by noon January 3. Unfortunately they will probably go for $12-20 a pack so now you are looking at spending $80 on a game to get four additional characters or extra fights. If it is worth it to you, go for it. If not, the extra fights and fighters should be available for DLC 90 days after the game is released.

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  1. Blech, I hate preorder bonuses. They just release the stuff as DLC eventually anyway, so if a game ends up bad you're out 60 bucks (more in other countries). And in-store you can get refunds. On Steam? No chance.

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