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Georges St-Pierre UFC Undisputed 3Gamers and UFC fans are getting pumped for Valentine’s Day and it isn’t for the chocolates or roses. UFC Undisputed 3 will be released on that day and a sneak peek at the video game shows big improvement for the MMA franchise.

THQ have released several videos promoting the big day but one in particular has caught my attention. UFC Undisputed 3, “Inside the Octagon” is generating some great buzz for the game. The video points to several improvemets in the franchise with some great in-game action to boot.

[ad 6]The biggest improvement according to the video will come in the Career Mode. Personally, I found the first UFC Undisputed Career Mode a lot more fun than the last one. While THQ certainly achieved their goal in making it more robust, it became a little too robust at times. The new mode promises a more fun experience, allowing the gamer to zoom through the mode at a much faster speed.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the UFC Undisputed games is the inability to move guys into different weight classes. It is a bit of a bummer that you can’t throw Jon Jones into the heavyweight class or move Anderson Silva down to welterweight. Heck, I’d even settle for catch weight fights. UFC Undisputed 3 has solved this and I for one, am really excited.

According the video and several press releases, gamers can take any UFC fighter on the roster and develop their career in another weight class. The downside is that you have to start from scratch, so it isn’t as if you can move GSP up into the middleweight division and fight him competitively with Anderson Silva. However, if you are willing to put the time in, you can get that Dream Fight between Silva vs. GSP after developing GSP’s career as a middleweight. I love it!

The video also goes into great detail about the Pride mode and the difference between the audio in the Pride mode as opposed to the UFC mode. Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros provide all new commentary for the Pride mode. What I love about this is that THQ have kept Rutten and Quadros as close to their oldselves as possible. Their style of commentary is different than the more talkative Mike Goldbery and Joe Rogan and this is relfected in the commentary. Great job!

These are just a few of the improvements and changes coming to the game. Reportedly, the control scheme will be less complicated. This will allow new gamers to jump right into the action as opposed to sitting through endless tutorials which could delay a casual fan the ability to jump right into the game. For hardcore gamers, your more advanced controls will reportedly be there.

[adinserter block=”1″]THQ and the UFC are giving away Alistair Overeem as a free DLC prior to the game’s release. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and you will receive a code with download instructions once the game is released. There were some serious issues two years ago with redeeming codes on opening day, so hopefully THQ and the UFC will fix those bugs prior to the release. Regardless, free is free so if I have to wait a day or two to grab Overeem, I’ll happily wait.

UFC Undisputed 3 will be released February 14, 2012.

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