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UFC Undisputed 2010 Trailer and News

UFC Undisputed 2010It is time to start talking UFC Undisputed 2010. Check out the video for the trailer below. The Trailer debuted at the VGA and it looked promising. So far, the game looks like another hit. In addition to the trailer, some more details and news were leaked over the last week about the game. Needless to say, the UFC and THQ are in full battle mode to ensure that UFC Undisputed remains the top MMA franchise in the video game market.

The rush to debut a trailer for the game six-months early is all about the MMA video game war with EA Sports. EA Sports and the UFC failed to come to a deal on UFC Undisputed, thus THQ picked up the title. Since that time, EA Sports has created their own independent MMA video game which includes current UFC superstar Randy Couture. EA’s game has received a ton of buzz and early screen shots and video are very impressive. Dana White has already declared war on EA, and in the end it looks like the biggest benefactors will be gamers who now have an alternative to the UFC’s MMA video game.

[adinserter block=”1″]In addition to the screen shots and video, other important details have leaked about UFC Undisputed 2010. For one, the trailer confirms that the release date for UFC Undisputed 2010 will be May 25, 2010. This is already a leg up on EA Sports who have yet to announce an official release date. Most experts have speculated May 2010, yet EA has not confirmed an official release date. This already ups the ante because the first MMA game to hit the market in 2010 obviously has a huge advantage.

Early screens and videos of EA’s game have generated a ton of hype. As successful as UFC Undisputed 2009 was, it had many complaints. is reporting that the 2010 UFC video game will see big changes to make the game seem more authentic. Some of the reported changes include;

– Reportedly, the game will improve its career mode and make it more robust. There will be more achievements and a focus on “media attention” in the career mode.
– The new version will offer more options to the CAF or the Create-A-Fighter mode.
– The ground game will reportedly be completely overhauled to simulate a more authentic UFC fight.
– Collision detection will also be improved to simulate action in a real UFC match.
– Submission escapes will be completely retooled. Escape, technique, and submission defense will be more customized for each particular fighter.

As a former UFC Undisputed gamer, I can tell you that the game needs drastic improvement. The game got so boring to me, that I sold it after just a few months. Revitalizing the ground game is the biggest step that this game needs. Simply turning a joystick or mashing buttons to escape a submission is ridiculous. The game also needs to revamp its standup mode. I would love to be able to work the cage game and allow fighters to corner opponents against the cage and work knees and elbows.

As for career, this also needs drastic improvement. Once you roll through the division, you wind up with about 20 rematches that all wind up the same once you improve your skill set. I would love to have the option to change divisions in mid-career like many in the UFC do. I would also love to see the skill set improve of the CPU fighters in the game, to match your improvement and make it more challenging. A rivalry option similar to Fight Night 4 would also add some spice. The camp mode also needs to be changed as well in my opinion. In its current state, the career mode is very boring after about 10-12 fights.

Finally, I am begging the game to allow an open-weight mode. You better believe that EA will allow it, as they already do with Fight Night 4. If the new game won’t include an open weight mode, it should at least allow users to customize licensed fighters to increase or decrease weights. A tournament option would be icing on the cake. I know that the UFC doesn’t do tournaments anymore and try to keep its game as true to the sport as possible. At the same time, MMA is banned in New York yet Madison Square Garden is included as an arena in the game so go figure.

[adinserter block=”2″]EA’s release could push the UFC to make the changes that loyal gamers have been screaming for since the first day UFC Undisputed 2009 was released. Unfortunately you never know what kind of stance that the UFC and Dana White are going to take. They could sit pat in a fit of arrogance and assume that the same millions of fans will buy their new game no matter what. Should they take that road, they are in for a rude awakening. Dana White is in a new backyard and needs to understand that gamers are only as loyal as their options. Should THQ and the UFC ignore disgruntled UFC Undisputed 2009 gamers, they will be the ones tapping out at the end of this war.

Note: Pretty interesting that of all fighters to feature in the video, they feature Kimbo Slice who is 1-0.

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