UFC TUF 18: Rousey Vs. Tate Trailer Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype


The first trailer has hit YouTube for the UFC’s upcoming The Ultimate Fighter season. The Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate preview is pretty good but doesn’t come anywhere close to living up the hype and you can thank Dana White for that.

I watched the trailer and while it wasn’t a bad trailer, but I couldn’t help but think that it is hardly representative of the season currently being hyped by the UFC president. Dana White has called the season crazy and said that Miesha vs. Ronda was the best coaching rivalry in TUF history. Maybe it is but you’d never know from the trailer.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dana White is the biggest problem with The Ultimate Fighter. Every season he comes out and talks about how great the season is, how much the coaches hate each other, the chaos, etc, etc and of the 17 seasons I can only remember two that actually lived up to any of his hype. I am still waiting for the fireworks he promised between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen.

In my opinion the most entertaining season from a coaching rivalry was the Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock season. Most of that credit goes to Ken and Tito who were working their angle from the start. White compared the upcoming season to the TUF 3 rivalry in a recent interview.

It’s Ken-Tito type stuff,” White said. “I don’t even know if some of the stuff will make TV. Those two do not like each other, and their camps do not like each other. And it’s just pure f—ing mayhem every day.

That is the kind of stuff I can’t stand about Dana White. He hypes everything and it’s always better than the best yet it rarely if ever lives up to any of his hype. I saw nothing in that trailer that reminded me of Ken vs. Tito. Rousey slapping something out of Tate’s hands is nothing compared to TUF 3 and the TUF 10 rivalry between Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson. Don’t get me wrong. If I had never read Dana’s quotes I would have thought the season looked really good. But I am now watching it and comparing it to TUF 3 and 10 and I just don’t see it.

Maybe I am wrong and the best is yet to come. I just find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t share even a shred of the best material on the first show preview. I’ll give the show a chance which is more than I did with the last few seasons (although I really did wind up enjoying the Cruz vs. Faber dynamic). I just think FOX really needs to pull Dana back a bit unless they really are confident that they can deliver the fireworks he’s promised.

At this point I’m just not seeing it.

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