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UFC Preview and Predictions Part 1

The UFC 100 co-main event features Georges St. Pierre defending the UFC welterweight title against Thiago Alves. Can Alves defeat arguably the best all-around fighter in MMA today?

I think Alves is a good fighter, yet I also think is overrated. People are taking way too much out of his win against Matt Hughes.

For one thing, Hughes is another one of those aging fighters. More importantly, Alves came in overweight for the fight. By fight time, it looked like Alves had 20-30lbs on an already disadvantaged Huges. I was not impressed with the win.

Following the Hughes fight, Alves fought Ultimate Fighter alumni Josh Koscheck. Alves couldn’t put Koscheck away and won the fight on the score cards. This isn’t the guy that is going to get in there and put away one of the greatest fighters of all-time in his prime.

St. Pierre on the other hand has looked magnificent since his fluke loss to Matt Serra at UFC 69. St. Pierre proved he was the real deal with his win over BJ Penn in his last match. Not only did he beat Penn, but he dominated the lightweight champion for 4 grueling rounds. St. Pierre looked unstoppable.

Alves is a huge underdog on the books and rightfully so. I don’t expect this one to be over quick. Alves is too good to get caught early by St. Pierre. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see this one go the distance. Alves has been submitted twice in UFC. I see him getting caught again and St. Pierre just biding time until the Super Fight with Anderson Silva.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping is the third featured fight on the show. There is no title on the line between these two. This one comes as a result of the most recent series of The Ultimate Fighter show. The fighters were opposing coaches on the show which has sparked a bit of a grudge between the two of them.

This is a huge fight for both men here. A win would likely guarantee a title shot against Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title. For Bisping, he will finally get the credibility as an elite fighter. For Henderson, it will be the final step to redemption in UFC.

I will say it, I can’t stand Michael Bisping. I didn’t like him when he was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter, and I can’t stand him as a fighter. He was a lot like Matt Serra as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Bisping was incredibly cocky and disrespecting of the accomplished opposing coach. Maybe I have been asleep for the last two years, but what has Bisping done to even deserve being a coach in the first place?

As a fighter, I also think Bisping is overrated. Bisping has fought one elite fighter and lost. Bisping got two wins in England on the score cards that I could debate were unworthy wins. Here is an idea. Instead of yapping about Dan Henderson, how about giving Matt Hamill a rematch in the United States?

Dan Henderson is the real deal. I have been a fan of Henderson’s for years going back to his PRIDE FC career. Henderson is the only fighter who has actually tested Anderson Silva in UFC. Henderson is 4-2 in his last six fights, but unlike Bisping he has fought a ton of elite fighters. Henderson is no joke and is probably more motivated here than he by a grudge than he has been in a long time.

I see Henderson grounding Bisping for three rounds. I wouldn’t expect a Bisping knockout, although I’d love to see it. Bisping is too quick to get caught and Henderson is too smart to keep it standing. Henderson hasn’t finished anyone on the ground in a long time. I wouldn’t expect it to happen at UFC 100, but I do expect a big win.

Part 2 featuring Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir coming Friday!

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