UFC On FOX 1 Results – Junior Dos Santos KO’s Cain Velasquez in Round 1


Junior Dos SantosAfter weeks of hype, the highly anticipated first UFC on Fox 1 main-event ended in just over a minute. Junior Dos Santos knocked out Cain Velasquez to win the UFC heavyweight championship in quite possibly the most watched fight in UFC history.

It was almost like a replay from the fight in which Cain Velasquez won the UFC heavyweight title, but this time it was Velasquez out cold shortly after the bell rung. The fight started off with Velasquez connecting on Dos Santos with leg kicks. He went for a takedown that was blocked. Junior found a powerful overhand right to the champ’s head which put him down. Dos Santos swarmed in for the with shots and the fight was stopped at 1:04 of Round 1 in Dos Santos’ favor.

[adinserter block=”2″]There may be more to this story than meets the eye. There were rumors that Velasquez was hurt going into the fight. Velasquez also weighed in at 249 and looked softer than usual for the fight. Velasquez reportedly weighs in somewhere between 235-244. He looked slower than usual during the fight so my hunch is that sometime in the next few days we will hear word of an injury.

For Junior Dos Santos, his next fight will be with the winner of the upcoming Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar UFC 141 fight. Either fighter would be a huge money match against the new champion. The fight takes place in a few weeks so my guess is that we would be looking at a March championship defense for Dos Santos.

Can Brock Lesnar beat Junior Dos Santos? I certainly think he has a much better chance of beating JDS for the title than winning a rematch against a healthy Cain Velasquez. If Lesnar can withstand an early storm by the champion, he could take advantage of a tired Dos Santos on the ground in the deeper rounds. Dos Santos slowed down in the later rounds against Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin. I am not convinced he could go the distance in a five rounder. On the other hand, Lesnar doesn’t like to hit and if Dos Santos can get in there early like tonight, we could see a repeat of his championship win when he fights the former WWE champion.

Can Alistair Overeem beat Junior Dos Santos? It would be a completely different fight than the one described above. I believe that Overeem is the best striker in the UFC heavyweight division. Dos Santos would have to rely on his ground game to beat Overeem, yet Dos Santos prefers to stand. I think these guys have a standup fight ten times and each guy would win five. It really comes down to a lucky strike when you talk about such heavy hitters. While Lesnar chasing the title is the bigger money fight, I think Overeem vs. Dos Santos would be the more exciting fight.

Overall it was an interesting experience seeing the UFC on Fox. The pre-fight production pieces on the fighters were fantastic. Brock Lesnar appeared to be a natural as an analyst appearing calm and charming. Dana White was a bit rough around the edges, talking a little bit too fast at times. I also think the arena sound was better produced as you could hear the crowd come through during the fight more so than I can remember for similar UFC fights. I liked it, but they did leave little room for post-fight analysis if the fight went five rounds.

[adinserter block=”1″]In what would probably be described as the co-headliner, Benson Henderson defeated Clay Guida via unanimous decision. This fight certainly lived up to the hype and produced an expected three round war. Henderson was just too much for Guida on the ground. He appeared calm during Guida’s charges, nullifying most of Guida’s standup striking. He wound up in a few chokes but never seemed in any real trouble of tapping. Henderson will likely get the next UFC lightweight title fight against Frankie Edgar. Deserved, but a big disappointment in regards to the business Guida would have done as challenger.

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  1. If anyone can screw up a UFC bout it would be FOX, I knew when they had a 35 minute panel discussion about the fight and the show was only supposed to be an hour it had to be a first rounder, ( so thats when I got online and read who won the fight before it aired) hey Fox next time mix in 30 minutes of prelim fights to keep peoples interest.

  2. So much hype with so little action. Not the best UFC event that has been put on and it could have been way better but it was cool to see two of the best fighters face off for the heavyweight championship with a definite new winner. Its the era of Dos Santos and I'm looking forward to see possibly Brock Lesnar face Dos Santos next year, If Lesnar can beat Alistair on Dec. 30th. Back to UFC on Fox 1…..What a knock out punch by Dos Santos and btw if you watched UFC Unleashed on Spike TV maybe 10 minutes after the fight ended, spike showed Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velazquez for the heavyweight title in which Velazquez won.


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