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UFC in Negotiations for Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva

UFC president Dana White dropped a bit of a bombshell during The Ultimate Fighter Finale. In a pre-taped interview, White said he wants to test Anderson Silva. White casually mentioned he is working on bringing back Vitor Belfot to test Silva. Unless this test is to see how quick he can demolish Belfort I am at a loss to White’s thinking.

“I’m working on some other 185 pounders. Vitor Belfort – he is a former heavyweight who moved down to 205. Now he’s at 185 pounds. He’s got great hands, he’s good on the ground, and if his head is right, he can be a very dangerous guy. I think that would be a great match up.”

I was pretty shocked when White made that announcement. Has he watched Vitor Belfort in the last several years? Vitor Belfort did have one big win against Matt Lindland. However, a look at Vitor’s overall career tells a different story.

Vitor is a lot like Mike Tyson to me. Vitor is a guy who has always has had the skills. The guy was a machine in his prime in UFC. Like Mike, Vitor’s been his own worst enemy. There are times that Vitor has fought where you can see that obviously something is not right with the guy. Like Tyson, you wait for the old Belfort to show up yet you never mnow what you are going to get.

Vitor is 6-5 in his last eleven fights which is not bad. However, it is hardly a record that I would call a “test” to Anderson Silva. Other than the win against Lindland, he hasn’t beaten anyone close to the skills of Silva. I also have no idea how anything that Belfort has done in the last few years qualifies him for an immediate title shot at Silva.

I understand that Silva needs to be seriously tested. Here is a crazy idea. How about Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre in a catch weight bout? White said during the same interview that the match is on the books. White then said that St. Pierre needs to get through Alves first. That is fine, but if Silva-Belfort is in the cards than a match with St. Pierre wouldn’t be possible until mid-2010!

[adinserter block=”1″]In the middleweight division, there really aren’t many tests left for Silva. White talked about a Wanderlei Silva vs. Anderson Silva match leading up to UFC 99. Wanderlei’s loss would probably preclude that from happening. Michael Bisping would theoretically be next up if he gets by Dan Henderson. Should Bisping lose, Dan Henderson would be the rightful number one contender. I wouldn’t mind seeing those two again.

I tend to wonder if this is all a smoke and mirrors game with Affliction. Belfort is signed to fight on Affliction’s next big show in August. White went on a tirade after UFC 99 about Mirko Cro Cop playing UFC and DREAM against each other. It is a bit ironic that White has no problem when he is the beneficiary in a situation where Belfort is playing UFC and Affliction. Amazing isn’t it?

The Ultimate Fighter Finale replays this Tuesday night at 9 PM/EST on Spike TV.

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