UFC Fighter Chokes and Punches Jay Mohr


I am not a big Forrest Griffin fan but I may have to jump on his bandwagon after seeing this new video. Griffin was challenged to choke out and punch one of the most obnoxious celebrities on the planet and the former UFC light heavyweight champion greatly obliged.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jay Mohr was the moron who challenged a UFC fighter to do what he does best, beat him up. Mohr had Grffin over at his place to record a Mohr Stories podcast. Griffin was happy to oblige by punching Mohr so hard in the stomach that he fell to the ground in pain. Griffin also applied a choke on Mohr who wound up tapping out faster than his Saturday Night Live career ended.

I am not a big fan of these stunts where a host dares a UFC fighter to punch or choke them. First of all, it is insulting to the fighter and other fighters for that matter. Second of all, it is just plain stupid. Third, it could easily turn into a litigious situation no matter what the circumstances are. You have no idea if this host is going to claim injury a week, month, or even a year down the road. It’s just dumb all around and the UFC really needs to implement a policy that doesn’t allow any fighter under a Zuffa contract to participate in any of these stupid stunts.

All of that said, I took great joy in watching Jay Mohr get punched and choked by Forrest Griffin. It was a longtime coming and well deserved.

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