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UFC 272 Grudge Match: Colby Covington Dominates Former Friend Jorge Masvidal

Former friends become enemies.

The gruesome duel between the two former friends was one of the biggest grudge matches in the history of UFC. And let me tell you that very few of these legendary matches don’t have Conor McGregor or Nate Diaz showing up in them.

Colby Covington just scored one of the biggest victories of his career in this match with a decision of 49-46, 50-44, 50-45 which was unanimous. The match was more interesting than the usual ones as it was a grudge match between former friends becoming enemies.

Here are more details about the heated duel:

Highlights of the Match

Colby Covington completely dominated Jorge Masvidal on Saturday night in the main event of UFC 272 at T-Mobile Arena. Colby continued to wear out Jorge through his dominant attacks which he placed with utter pressure and crafty precision.

Kudos to Masvidal for holding out until the end but the match had already become a predictable one halfway through. But the crowd still did not give up on Masvidal and cheers for his name were heard until the end of the match, although some cheers could be heard for Colby as well.

It was one of the biggest matches of UFC and also a rare non-titled event that did not feature Nate or Conor. Even more surprising was the fact that it was a pay-per-view match and still ended up being one of the biggest.

Although Colby ravaged Jorge most of the time, Jorge still had his moments where he shone. He was doing great in the second round and also managed to drop Colby in the fourth round. But other than these highlights, Colby continued to dominate throughout the match.

Former Friends, Now Enemies

Colby and Jorge are not only former friends, but they were also roommates and teammates earlier in the day. After Colby showed up at the American Top Team in 2011 by displaying some great skills in wrestling at Oregon State University, Masvidal was a mentor figure to him there.

They both taught each other the specifics of wrestling where Colby helped Jorge in polishing his wrestling skills and Jorge taught Colby how to strike. But now, the two cannot stand the sight of each other.

Colby blames Jorge for stabbing him in the back after getting jealous of his success whereas Jorge calls Colby phony and that he stiffed his coach on pay.

After the final bell rung, Colby was seen taking off his mouthpiece and sticking out his tongue at Jorge, and blowing him kisses. This was certainly not a match for rank or a title, it was really a grudge match fought to settle an old score. ESPN ranks Colby Covington at number 4 in the World Rankings and Jorge Masvidal stands at 10th rank.



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