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UFC 152 Jones Vs. Belfort Results – Jones Submits Belfort In 4

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones may not be liked, but he deserves to be respected. Jones subbed Vitor Belfort in a UFC 152 main-event that was an even bigger mismatch than Vegas oddsmakers handicapped.

Jones immediately went for a takedown. Belfort caught Jones in an arm bar at around 3:30 minutes into the first round and the place went nuts. He came very close to a submission before releasing it. Joe Rogan thought that Jones’ arm was hyper extended from the arm bar. Jones confirmed in the post fight interview that his elbow did pop. Needless to say, the fans went nuts. Jones from the top position started dropping elbows which opened up Belfort badly. Jones repeatedly went back to elbows as Vitor struggled for wrist control. Belfort’s eye was a mess by the end of the round. Belfort held on as the round closed.

[adinserter block=”2″]John McCarthy asked Vitor if he wanted to fight before the second round and Belfort said yes. Jones closed the distance early. Bones missed a spinning elbow. Jones connected on some kicks to the knee. Belfort missed some head kicks. Jones picked him apart with kicks. Belfort pulled guard with 90 seconds remaining in the round to the surprise of me and everyone else. Belfort was looking for another arm bar. Belfort did a better job of blocking elbows but didn’t do much at all in the round.

Jones connected with a side kick to the body and Belfort dropped. Belfort told Joe Rogan after the fight that he had an injury to the ribs in training. Jones swarmed in on top. Belfort again was looking for an arm bar here. Jones couldn’t finish and they stood back up. Belfort finally swarmed in with strikes in this round. Belfort tried to close the distance. They tied up. Belfort again pulled guard. Fans started booing at this point. Other than the brief swam Vitor hadn’t done much at all past that arm bar attempt early in the fight. Jones dropped some short elbows and the round closed.

The two opened up with a mild exchange and Belfort pulled guard. Jones rained down with elbows and caught Belfort in an Americana. Belfort tapped and the disappointing main-event was over.

The champion came into UFC 152 as a -975 favorite on some sports books to Belfort’s +675. For that reason, the result shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. At the same time, you have to give Jones the credit he deserved for making a statement and staying focused at arguably the most chaotic time in his short career. Other than the arm bar he was never in any real trouble and dominated.

You have to wonder if all of the negativity and criticism that Jones’ endured the last few weeks was a motivator. It would have been easy for Jones to play down to his competition and show up over confident. Instead, Jones should great maturity for a 24-year old champion and dismantled his challenger with ease. According to Mike Goldberg in what had to be worst timed comment of the night, Jones is a “role model.” Too soon Mike, too soon.

It is tough to say where Bones Jones goes from here. Dan Henderson was promised the title shot but had to pull out of UFC 151 due to injury. Lyoto Machida was also promised a title shot but blew that by not accepting the fight for UFC 152. Dana White has talked of a possible Machida vs. Hendo title eliminator fight. That would leave Jones dormant for at least six-months. If Henderson is ready to return in December, I say you go with Henderson vs. Jones for December or January. If he’s not, the UFC may just have to swallow their pride and give the shot to Machida. I understand the point Dana is trying to make, but is it worth making a point at the expense of keeping your champion off of shows?

Watching this fight I can absolutely see why people hate Jon Jones. For one, his entrance into the arena trying to get people to clap with him that were booing was just obnoxious. Two, the way he started off the fight on the ground was an extreme sign of arrogance. Three and most importantly, his fights aren’t that exciting. Quite honestly I don’t think any of Jones’ fights since he won the title have been that fun or exciting. They are all one-sided and he is more of a technician that picks his opponents apart slowly as opposed to engaging in a striking contest. The book on Jones is out. He is a dominant fighter whose fights never live up to the hype. That is going to be a hard fighter to sell on pay per view moving ahead.

One interesting scenario would be a Jones vs. Silva Super Fight. Silva is obsessed with fighting Georges St-Pierre but GSP doesn’t seem as interested. While Silva and Jones have said no to fighting each other in the past, both appear a tad more open to it lately. I would love to see the UFC go with GSP-Diaz/Condit 2, Machida-Henderson, and Silva-Jones. I doubt that is the road that will be taken, but that appears to be the biggest win for everyone.

Like him or not Jon Jones is the UFC champion and that probably isn’t going to change any time soon. At some point fans will forgive if Jones continues his streak of dominance. Unfortunately for Jones that probably won’t be for awhile.

In other fight news, Michael Bisping defeated Brian Stann. The story for most of the opening round was Bisping working for a takedown and Stann preventing it. It was a fairly even opening round until Brian Stann tagged Michael Bisping with a solid right hand as the first round closed. Bisping was rocked and probably saved by the bell. Bisping was very wobbly when he sat down between the first and second rounds. Bisping finally got the takedown in round 2 as well as another as the round closed. Bisping was the dominate fighter in this round and appeared to recover well. Bisping got an early takedown in the third. Bisping also continued to pick Stann apart with his jab, which incidentally was great all night. The rest of the round saw Bisping dominate the pace while Stann really didn’t have a whole lot. It was an impressive performance by Bisping. I can’t say the same for Stann. With Anderson Silva not set to defend the middleweight title for awhile, I’d presume that Bisping vs. Chris Weidman-Tim Boetsch fight in a title eliminator fight.

[adinserter block=”1″]Full UFC 152 Jones vs. Belfort results and winners…
Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort
Demetrious Johnson defeated Joseph Benavidez for the inaugural UFC flyweight championship via split decision
Michael Bisping defeated Brian Stann via unanimous decision
Matt Hamill defeated Roger Hollett via unanimous decision
Cub Swanson defeated Charles Oliveira via first-round KO
Vinny Magalhaes defeated Igor Pokrajac via submission
TJ Grant defeated Evan Dunham via unanimous decision
Sean Pierson defeated Lance Benoist via unanimous decision
Marcus Brimage defeated Jimy Hettes via unanimous decision
Seth Baczynski defeated Simeon Thoresen via first-round KO
Mitch Gagnon defeated Walel Watson via submission
Kyle Noke defeated Charlie Brenneman via first-round TKO

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  1. lol you are absolutely right, no fighter is unbeatable . even chael managed to land some punches on silva . its funny how people always harp on what could have and almost happened. the point is it did not happen. any fighter is a miss step, a slip or a punch away from kissing the canvas; what matters is how you finish. records speak volumes. heck anderson said he would not fight jones either, does that make him a chump? I strongly doubt anyone let alone jones would be worried about chael, who could not punch his way out of a wet paper bag, who has lost about a dozen fights screaming uncle or staring at the lights. sonnen gassed fighting bisping, turtled up against silva. he would have been a waste of the champs time. evans, machida, bader, shogun,rampage and even vera are no slouches, so who would you want him to fight in his division? hendo ? like I said your portrayal of jon jones is clouded by your personal feelings.

  2. Eric, I cant justify blaming jones for the level of his competitors. The big "but" in your article underminds his archievements. I hear boos and anti jones chants before and 5 minutes into his fights until an elbow is lodged in his opponents eye socket. then its dead silence. thats right shut the heck up is the message. It is obvious now that the issue is that jones does not fit the mold or looks of what we expect of our champion. I guess we should just wait and see what happens with gustaffson; he fits your mold, like forrest and chuck these are the faces most of the jones haters identify with and thats a shame. Nevertheless, what is worth pointing out is the excuses vitor had for losing this fight the way he did, after all the old lion and old school garbage he was throwing around. short camp/ injuries, thats what is arrogant . Every good athlete is confident. thats what jones is. Boring ? 3 out of 4 you mentioned ended in beat downs before subs. Then there is the open mouth insert elbow beat down of evans. Lets just say the legend killer is here to stay…… the champ is here.Get over it.

    • You are a little too defensive with your Jones man-crush. Thanks for telling me who my ideal champions are. You are completely wrong. I enjoyed Bones's fights in the past. He has gotten way more technical and while I certainly appreciate how masterful he has been in his fights, I dont find it entertaining at all. As for the champ being here to stay, he was seconds away from being beaten Saturday by that "old lion." Nobody is unbeatable. If he is that unbeatable why did he turn down fighting Sonnen? If he is so unbeatable why won't he fight Anderson Silva? Let's see him against level competition like Silva and then I'll be ready to crown him.

      Personally I can't stand him. He is probably the most self-righteous, arrogant fighter I have ever heard. But that's fine, I am not paying to hear him talk.

      Dana White said if I dont like it not to buy it. Fine, I'm done buying his fights until he fights some real competition. It's as simple as that.

  3. Eric Gargiulo, The more I read your article, the more its obvious that your issues with Jon jones has nothing to do with mma, but rather a personal issue. You can sell your opinion to the mindless hateful sheeps that defecate the same kind of ignorant comments you just did. 1 i have seen fighters with mask, speedos,ive seen dancers, and chanters, but you have issues with jones clapping? 2 if he wants to start a fight belly up he is the one getting punched in the face not you. 3 how is it his fault that he is overmatched and in one sided fights….boring, the destruction of rampage, machida,evans, and "old lion"vitor was anything but boring. technical? heck yeah.if you call jon jones fight boring what wou;ld you call gsp's nyquil ? mma has evolved it takes more than brawn to make it.

    • LOL Actually I never really had a problem with the guy until recently. Listen, I find his fights boring. I find some of GSP's fights boring, but not all. His fights are more compelling to me. You are right. It is absolutely the mismatches he has had. Still, Anderson Silva has mismatches yet he makes his fights entertaining.

      Thanks for explaining MMA to me.

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