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Jon Jones Fears Injury From Belfort’s Armbar

You can question a lot of things about Jon Jones. One thing you can’t question after his victory over Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 is his heart. Jones fought through a severe arm injury to defeat Belfort but may suffer the price for his courage.

[adinserter block=”2″]Belfort came within inches of defeating the UFC light heavyweight champion in the opening round of UFC 152. Belfort locked in an arm bar that probably would have finished most fighters. But Jon Jones is not most fighters. Jones heard the elbow pop but told reporters after the fight that he had no intention of quitting.

In there, I felt as if there was a point where I don’t think physically he could have extended it even more,Jones said. “I mean, it was popping, and I felt after 25 years that I’ve never felt that feeling before. I just came to terms with what was going to happen, just thinking, ‘Man, I can’t believe I’m getting ready to lose this way.

But Jones survived the early scare and continued to fight for three more rounds with the injured rounds. What is even more impressive is the way he dominated his challenger with only one arm to work with. As much as Belfort tried to attack his injured his arm going forward, Jones held him at bay. Unfortunately his guts may have cost him going forward.

We haven’t been able to get my arm x-rayed yet, but they’re saying there might be some nerve damage in the bicep.

Unfortunately that will likely put the champion on the shelf for quite awhile going forward. It is impossible to come up with an accurate timetable not knowing the severity of the injury, but I’d have to imagine that Jones is out until at least February if not all the way through April.

That is a big blow to the UFC as that leaves another title dormant for several months. I would guess that this opens up the opportunity for a Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida eliminator fight. Henderson is scheduled to be ready by December and Machida is just sitting idle waiting for his next fight. The UFC could book the fight for January thus giving Jones a credible challenger just in time for his scheduled recovery.

[adinserter block=”1″]This could actually work out in the UFC and Jon Jones’ favor. No matter how Dana and the UFC want to spin it, the MMA world despises Jones. They aren’t into buying him, his fights, or his merchandise right now. If Jones can keep a low profile during the next several months, time away may be able to heal some wounds, and create interest in a return. The break between Jones and the fans could be the best thing for everyone.

No pun intended of course on the “break.”

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