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UFC 147: Franklin Vs. Silva II Results – Franklin Wins A War

UFC 147 turned was turned into a joke on blogs and in social media in the days leading up to the fight. Yet the joke was on any fan who passed on watching the event as they missed out on an outstanding main-event between Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva.

[adinserter block=”2″]While the undercard for this card was terrible on paper, I never understood the outrage at the main-event. Many criticized the headliner as a weak fight and mocked the two fighters as if they were past their primes. In the end pride took over and these two warriors went out there and had an absolute war for five rounds silencing critics and having fans scrambling to order the replay.

Rich Franklin defeated Wanderlei Silva in the main-event by unanimous decision in the Fight of the Night. All three judges gave Franklin the fight with 49-46 scores. Franklin controlled most of the fight but in typical Axe Murderer fashion, he never stopped coming.

The two former champions opened up the fight at a high pace, both looking for an early knockout. Wanderlei landed some nice shots but it was Franklin who padded the majority of the round with strikes. Silva’s best round was the second as he had Franklin in big trouble. Silva came very close to finishing the fight with knees and punches. Franklin barely survived the final 20 seconds while I highly doubt he would have made it out of the round if the onslaught came earlier.

Franklin said after the fight that he didn’t even remember anything from that point through the end of the fight. Should the fight have been stopped there? It is tough to say but Silva did have Franklin rocked to the point where he couldn’t remember the fight.

The rest of the fight saw Franklin get the better of Silva in the stand up game. Both fighters embraced going into the fifth round in a real classy moment. Ironically the final seconds ended the same way their first fight did with Silva laying in strikes as the fight closed. Silva nailed Franklin on the chin and just went crazy on the Ace. Unfortunately it was too little too late as the round came to a close, the same way their first fight did as Silva had Franklin trapped and laid in successive elbows. Franklin did nail Silva with a hard strike of his own though as the fight closed.

While Franklin got the win on paper, I think this was a huge win for Silva. People have been counting Silva out since Leben tagged him last July in 0:27. There were numerous questions about whether the UFC would continue booking Silva if he got knocked out. Not only did Silva not get knocked out, he proved that his chin is not an issue. He took plenty of strikes from Franklin for five full rounds and ended the fight swinging. Wanderlei’s career is far from over. All accounts after the fight are that Silva will finally get his fight opposite The Ultimate Fighter Brazil coach Vitor Belfort at the next UFC Brazil event in October.
It is really hard to guess what is next for Franklin. The UFC does owe Franklin for bailing them out of a jam here (and plenty of other times). Franklin was talking title shot after the event but let’s face it. The man is 3-3 in his last six, with his three wins coming over a Chuck Liddell who was past his prime and two over Silva. Those wins shouldn’t earn anyone a title shot. Nobody wants to see Anderson vs. Franklin again but Jones vs. Franklin could be a fun fight. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the UFC give Franklin a title eliminator fight as payback against one of the top light heavyweight fighters.

[adinserter block=”1″]All in all there was a lesson learned here for MMA fans. A weak event on paper can easily turn into a great night of fights once the bell rings. If you missed UFC 147, you missed a fun show and a great main-event.

Full UFC 147 Franklin vs. Silva 2 results & winners…
Rich Franklin defeated Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision
Cezar Ferreira defeated Sergio Moraes by unanimous decision
Rony Mariano Bezerra defeated Godofredo Pepey by unanimous decision
Fabricio Werdum defeated Mike Russow by TKO in round 1
Hacran Dias defeated Yuri Alcantara by unanimous decision
Rodrigo Damm defeated Anistavio Medeiros by submission in round 1
Francisco Drinaldo defeated Delson Heleno by TKO in round 1
Hugo Viana defeated John Teixeira by split decision
Thiago Perpétuo defeated Leonardo Mafra by TKO in round 3
Marcos Vinicius defeated Wagner Campos by TKO in round 3
Milton Vieira vs. Felipe Arantes is ruled a draw

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