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UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2 Predictions (Holiday Edition)

Twas’ the night before Saturday,
And I am excited to rally,
Around a card that’ll be better,
Than last week’s disappointing T.U.F. Finale.

The main event features,
A title to be taken
A GSP upset,
Would leave the welterweight division shaken.

But I have my opinions,
On St-Pierre & Kos settling the score,
But first read my other predictions
For UFC One Twenty Four.

[adinserter block=”2″]The 6 Undercards of Fight Night (Quick Picks – Try to sing in the tune of “The 12 Nights of Christmas – Stuff in Parentheses is for your education, but nix it if you sing the song)
On the first fight of prelims, here’s what I think you’ll see: Audinwood over John Mak-des-si
On the second fight of prelims, here’s what I think you’ll see: TJ Grant getting subbed (by Ricardo Almeida)
On the third fight of prelims, here’s what I think you’ll see: Riddle over Pier-son
On the fourth fight of prelims, here’s what I think you’ll see: Bongfeldt beats Natal
On the fifth fight of prelims, airing live on UFC(.com): DAN MIL-LER WINS (over Joe Doerksen)
On the sixth fight of prelims, airing live on UFC (.com): Hazelett over Bocek

UFC 124 MAIN CARD (Again, in Holiday Rhyme)

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Thiago Alves vs. John Howard
The first PPV fight,
Will be held at 170,
Unless Thiago Alves,
Comes in a bit heavy.
He’ll be fighting John Howard,
Whom Jake Ellenberger just gave a beating,
He looked like Sloth from the Goonies,
And would have sent young children fleeing!
Both men love to throw,
And sling them some leather,
But I have to admit,
Alves’ stand up is better.
So I’ll stick to my guns,
As I often will do,
The guy from ATT,
Wins by TKO, Round two.

Jay Pick: Alves by TKO, R2

Who’s your fighter? UFC 124 St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2 Event T

Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig
To quote Jay-Z
“On to the next one,” he’ll rap,
This lightweight battle,
May be a career-changing trap.
Joe Daddy’s only lost to the best,
At one fifty five,
But three Fight of the Night honors,
Will keep your career much alive.
Across the cage is Mac Danzig,
The vegan TUF 6 winner,
Who’s only won three out of seven,
He’s a better Featherweight if he gets thinner.
Both are no slouch on the ground,
But Joe’s competition has been elite,
I think he grinds out a decision,
And leaves Danzig in defeat.

Jay Pick: Stevenson via decision

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Another lightweight scrap,
With two BJJ-trained men,
Oliviera’s subbed seven (of 14),
Miller’s subbed ten (of 18).
Jim’s only lost two,
To Frankie and Gray,
Who’ll lock up for the gold,
Next month, New Years Day.
Oliveira has to watch out,
For Miller’s wrestling for position,
But I know Miller will be cautious,
Charles could get a third bonus for his submissions.
This one could go the distance, after all,
But after the bell sounds,
Joe Rogan’s chatting with Oliveira,
After he wins at least two of the rounds.

Jay Pick: Charles Oliveira via decision

[adinserter block=”1″]Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkle
Quite a difference in size,
From the previous fight,
Combined they’re quite tall,
One sixty two inches in combined height.
A heavyweight tilt,
Not a freak show, might I add,
McCorkle subbed Mark Hunt,
And made him look pretty damned bad.
Struve’s only lost two in the UFC,
One to some guy nicknamed Cigano,
The other to Roy Nelson,
Who’s built like Tony Soprano.
His length is an advantage,
With a BJJ pedigree,
I don’t see this going,
Past round number three.
McCorkle is tough,
Sporting a record ten and an egg,
But I see his record blemished,
If The Skyscraper locks a triangle with his legs.

Jay Pick: Struve via submission, R1

UFC 124 MAIN EVENT – Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck – UFC Welterweight Championship
Gather ‘round kids,
It’s the main event of the card!
The bad guy with the Fro,
Going into the good guy’s back yard.
Oh Canada, Oh Canada,
How you’ll be screaming for GSP,
As Kos tries to erase,
UFC 74, where he lost rounds one, two and three.
He’ll try to channel the ghost of Matt Serra,
Winning with a thunderous punch,
He’ll want to respect GSP’s wrestling this time,
If I had to take a hunch.
Now Kos is quite talented,
With the gift of talking trash,
Having beaten Trigg, Rumble, and Semtex,
Don’t sucker punch, kids, or Dana will boot your ass.
But let us not forget the two time Champ,
The pride of the Maple Leaf land,
He wrestles and submits,
And works with Freddie Roach on his hands.
Some have said he’s become boring,
Since his wrestling is so superior,
It’s not his fault Dan, Thiago and BJ,
Have take down defense so inferior!
Kos will bait him to trade,
And we’ll see a Superman punch alright,
Happy Fighting to all,
GSP is still champ at the end of the night.

Jay Pick: St-Pierre via decision

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