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UFC 108: Less Fighters, More Fights

UFC 108For a fight card littered with injuries and changes, UFC 108 compensated with NINE out of ten fights being shown on the PPV broadcast (in this case, reairing the Spike fights from earlier in the night was needed due to the number of quick finishes). I thought I’d bring the holiday season to a close with the quickest UFC 108 summary I could think of, sung to the tune of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, UFC gave to me,
Seven fights were finished,
Six beers ingested
Four by submission
Three by decision
Two TKO’s
And Hazelett got KO’d by Da-ley

[ad#336r]Ok, hopefully you’re still reading long enough to want to read the actual post-fight wrap up:

My earlier predictions on the card were not too far off in terms of getting the winners right, but their finish/time were off (hey, it’s my first post, cut me some slack). I did, however, hit the trifecta on Junior dos Santos (winning by TKO, R1). Hopefully, they’ll continue to bring him along at the right pace with a few more fights. Possible match ups? Gonzaga or maybe Herring, once they’re both healed up. If he puts one or both of them away, toss him into the Mir/Carwin/Nogueira/Velasquez title mix, but please, do not show close ups of his ear. We all see some gnarly cauliflower ear, but it’s like a bloated ear doppelganger for Sloth from The Goonies

• Jim Miller gets the win via armbar over Duane Ludwig. Unfortunately, the other Miller (Cole) gets Sub of the Night for his brilliant inverted-triangle-kimura

• Stout vs Lauzon earns “Fight of the Night” honors. I thought Lauzon would be able to get off a submission (which he tried several times), but Stout brought his “A” game and put on a great performance, sprawling/stuffing Lauzon’s takedown attempts and firing off solid combos. Lauzon earns a “Tip of the Cap” for putting on what I thought was a decent performance coming off an ACL injury

[adinserter block=”2″]• Don’t try to trade with Paul Daley. He’ll knock you out. Dustin Hazelett learned it the hard way, but hey, he gets 10% of Daley’s purse (Daley was 1 lb over the 171 limit) when he wakes up. Dana said Daley draws Fitch or Koscheck next. Both have better takedown/wrestling than Hazelett. Hopefully they’ll use it.

• Despite dominating for the first two rounds, Evans let up and almost got knocked out by Silva in round three. The hope was for a big finish to further hype his fight with Rampage, but a win is a win is a win, so the decision nod to ‘Suga’ still leaves Machida as the only blemish on his record. Dana said the fight will be in May, most likely UFC 114 in Vegas.

• For a late 2009 that was laden with injuries, 2010 is shaping up quite nicely with GSP/Hardy and the now-confirmed Mir/Carwin for UFC 111, Hughes/Gracie and possibly Silva/Belfort at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Rua/Machida II in Montreal, and, more than likely, Rampage/Evans at 114

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