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An Alternate Independent Promotion

UelinkPrior to her appearance in “The Wrestler” Samoan Wrestling Noble Vale Anoai worked on two other projects. They are “Down with the Boogey” by Cowbell Films and “Unearthly Exchange” by Ikuzo Studios and Who Survives Productions. Down with the Boogey will be released shortly. Unearthly Exchange is available now!

Actor/Producer Mike E. Pringle from Philadelphia first met Vale Anoai at a cast dinner for Down with the Boogey. The dinner was set by the movie’s producers so the cast can meet and eat. Before being formally introduced to Vale Anoai, Mike E. Pringle thought she was great. After one day of work with Vale, Mike had to do another project with her. Mike wanted a project of his own at the unified production house of Ikuzo and Who Survives. His partners currently had a movie called “Saber” and a sitcom called “Fighter’s High”. So one day at his “day job” Mike came up with the idea for a sitcom of his own called “Unearthly Exchange”. He immediately knew who the lead actress was going to be Vale Anoai. He asked three other actors to be in it Greg Coale, Jessica Emma and Jacki Vogel. Later came some surprisingly fun auditions for the two kids. With that he found two very outstanding young talents Rebecca Blaich and Ali Dougherty.

Unearthly Exchange was meant to be a pilot for a series. Unfortunately the series didn’t get picked up. Ikuzo and Who Survives refuse to waste their work. They wanted to make sure the people involved have something to show for their efforts. So the project was repacked as a “short film”. It’s currently available on Amazon’s VOD (Video on Demand). The film can be downloaded to own for only $1.00!

People who support independent wrestling promotions like ROH and WXW will understand this request. They support these indie companies because they want something fresh and different. Most of all they want to give the other guy a chance. So please check out Unearthly Exchange on Amazon’s VOD. With that you give another independent promotion a turn at bat.

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